The Best And Ultimate Guide to TikTok Playlists (+ Examples)

The Best And Ultimate Guide to TikTok Playlists (+ Examples)

Ultimate Guide to TikTok Playlists – Discover the creation of TikTok playlists and instances of playlist usage for video curation.

On TikTok, you can make video playlists just as when you put together the perfect music playlist for a road trip.

In 2021, the app’s playlist function was implemented. On TikTok, a playlist is a named, selected collection of your public videos that are displayed on your profile. Viewers can swipe up after tapping to see the TikToks in the sequence you’ve selected.

On the profile page for @gabrielfeitosagrooming, a dog groomer renowned for his incredible fur coloring, this is how they seem.

The video playlists “Behind the Art” and “Tutorials” were both chosen by Gabe.

If you have access to this functionality, you should use TikTok playlists as they have many useful applications.

First off, there is no other way to serialize several films in one location. Users may just tap a playlist to view the entire series, uninterrupted, rather than needing to navigate to the video feed in their TikTok profile to discover the next installment.

Additionally, it helps your new TikTok fans and followers identify your finest content. You can pin a limited number of TikToks to your profile, but playlists offer an endless option to collect your best-performing videos in one location and make them visible at the top of your page.

Last but not least, playlists are the ideal way to classify and arrange your films. Post several outfits of the day videos on TikTok. Create a playlist for them. sharing on TikToks your health journey? Create a playlist for them. Do you run a tiny company that publishes ASMR order packaging videos? Put them on a playlist, you guessed it.

Here, we’ll go through who can use the TikTok playlist functionality, how to create a playlist using your own TikTok videos, and the various playlist use cases with some motivational examples.

How to use TikTok’s playlist function

Sadly, not all TikTok accounts have access to playlists.

Playlists are known as Creator Playlists on TikTok and are exclusively accessible to accounts with at least 10,000 followers.

Check your own profile’s video tab to see if you qualify for the Creator Playlist feature. There will be a spot to hit that will allow you to organize your content into video playlists above your TikTok video feed.

Don’t worry if it isn’t there. It’s something to anticipate as your TikTok presence grows. Also, make sure to check your video tab to see whether you can now create a playlist if you reach the 10,000 mark.

TikTok Playlist Creation Instructions

You can create a playlist directly from a video or your profile, respectively.

To a playlist, only public videos can be added; private videos cannot. A playlist may contain just one video at a time, but you are free to add as many videos as you wish to it.

Your new playlists will show up on the videos tab on your profile page regardless of how you add them. Additionally, the playlist for each video that is added to a playlist will be mentioned on the video itself.

How to create playlists on TikTok using the videos tab in your profile

  • Step 1: Launch the TikTok app, then tap the symbol in the bottom right corner to access the profile area.
  • Step 2: Select “Sort videos into playlists” from the video tabs on your profile. If you’ve already made a playlist, you’ll see a + symbol to add another one.
  • Step 3: Give your new playlist a name. Make an effort to keep the playlist name brief and pertinent. The more playlists TikTok may display on your profile, the shorter your playlist name must be. Additionally, the name should make sense because you want users to know what to expect when they open your playlists.
  • Step 4: Pick videos to include in your playlist. Similar to creating an Instagram Carousel, you can add as many as you like, and they will show in the order that you choose.

How to create a videotape playlist on TikTok

  • Step 1: Tap the symbol in the bottom right corner of the TikTok app to launch the profile tab.
  • Step 2: Pick one of your videos to open in the videos tab.
  • Step 3: Tap the three dots icon next to your video on the right side.
  • 4. Select “add to playlist.”
  • To build a playlist, select step 5.
  • Step 6: Give your new playlist a name.
  • Step 7 is to choose and incorporate videos into your playlist.

How to Add to a Playlist Already Existing on TikTok

You can add a video in one of three ways to an existing playlist that you’ve made.

From the playlist, add videos to an existing playlist.

Open one of your playlists from your profile as step one. You can see all of the videos you’ve already uploaded to this playlist from this view.

  • Step 2: Select the three-dot menu located in the playlist’s upper right corner. This will display all of your available options for dealing with the playlist, including editing, renaming, sharing, and deleting it.
  • Step 3: To edit the playlist, click “Edit playlist”. You can rearrange the playlist’s videos, remove videos from the playlist, and add new videos from this screen.
  • Step 4: To add new videos to your TikTok playlist, click “Add videos”. You can choose numerous videos from your already-existing public videos by following the same procedure as when you first created the playlist.
  • Step 5: Press “Done” to edit your playlist and save your modifications. The new video(s) you’ve contributed will now be included.

Add a video from a playlist that already exists

Open one of your public videos as a first step.

Step 2: Click or tap the three dots on the right side of the screen, or simply click and hold anywhere on your video.

The Best And Ultimate Guide to TikTok Playlists (+ Examples)

3. Select “add to playlist.”

Choose the playlist you wish to include the video in step four.

From the post screen, add a video to already-existing playlists.

Step 1: Tap add to playlist on the publish screen, which is the final step in posting a video.

Choose the playlist where you want the video to be posted in step 2.

3. Tap the post.

9 Tips for TikTok Playlist Creation, with Examples

Let’s take a closer look at several ways to use playlists with some practical examples from TikTok after discussing potential possibilities for playlists on TikTok above.

1. Stick to a project

A playlist is the ideal method to compile all the TikTok videos you’ve shared in support of a project, journey, or transformation. This makes it simpler for people to follow up as you continue to add new films to the series and witness the entire journey from beginning to end.

  • That might incorporate:
  • a house improvement undertaking
  • A weight-loss or wellness journey
  • creating a brand-new product
  • Getting a new store ready to open
  • being pregnant
  • A new pet developing

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Whatever else develops over time!

Let’s look at Melissa Woods, @welcome2thewoods on TikTok, as an illustration. She is a skilled DIY blogger who recently finished a top-to-bottom renovation of a lake house. She consistently produces beautiful content.

She organizes all of the videos about one room or area of the property into a separate playlist, such as “Living room renovation” and “exterior renovation,” to make it easier for her viewers to follow along with her trip. Additionally, she has playlists with advice and other great projects she’s worked on.

It lets fans “catch up” on the project if they haven’t seen her on their FYP in a while and keeps her page feeling more organized.

2. Choose recipes you like.

You can make playlists that highlight the many types of cuisine you’re cooking if you’re a cooking influencer who posts recipes on TikTok. For each category, such as weeknight dinners, date night inspiration, and vegan fare, you might make a distinct playlist. Imagine making a video recipe book directly on your page.

Consider @thegoldenbalance, who shares recipes on his TikTok, as an illustration. He has divided his playlists into categories such as drinks, easy meals, quesadillas and wraps, and meal preparation.

3. Set your branded material in order.

You might have one or more series that you’ve made as a brand on TikTok that highlight your goods and services, display your staff at work, distribute user-generated content (UGC), or have a plot. To categorize them, make a playlist.

View the playlist for the Mejuri jewelry line. They have ones for new product launches, get ready with me, and vlogs.

4. Display your product evaluations

Both influencers and brands can benefit from this. As an influencer, you can make a playlist of your product reviews so that viewers can quickly see which products you enjoy and which you don’t.

If you publish user-generated content, such as reviews, as a brand, you might potentially construct playlists with those videos.

Beauty influencer @hydrationceo uploads a lot of product reviews, so she’s divided her playlists into categories like “never buy,” “holiday kits,” “long-wearing lipsticks,” and “lip oil reviews.”

5. Tell a current story.

A single TikTok video can sometimes grow into an entire series as people watch, engage, and want more. Create a video playlist if your tale is unfolding in numerous parts to make it easy for viewers to locate where the story began and follow it through to the end.

@heidiwranglescats is a New York-based cat rescuer who shares videos of kittens growing up and being rehabilitated.

People were always asking for updates on certain kittens, so she created playlists for individual rescues so viewers could keep up.

6. Make a series

You have a series if you do any type of idea or format that has more than one video! That may be a prank battle with your significant other, a series of hilarious skits, a series of TikTok dancing challenges, or even what you eat for lunch daily. A video playlist can be created whenever you can combine videos.

@Gaezari is a Korean student who gives daily updates on what his institution serves for lunch. He made a playlist out of them because they were so popular.

7. Display your style

If you’re a fashion influencer or vlogger, you undoubtedly publish a lot of TikToks about your daily clothing, special event looks, or collaborations with businesses.

If that’s your niche, those are your finest videos, and they’re exactly what new fans want to see. Curate such videos with playlists to make it easier to find them. You can also categorize them as OOTD, nightlife looks, plus-size fashion hauls, or whatever makes sense for your unique brand.

Sammi Jefcoate, also known as @sammijefcoate_, is a fashion and beauty influencer noted for her fashionable and high-end attire. Viewers are curious about where she obtains all of her pieces, so she’s created playlists emphasizing jewelry, beauty products, and new stuff.

8. Tutorials and how-to videos

TikTok creators who post tutorials or how-to videos will certainly have viewers visit their profile in search of more useful information. With dedicated collections, create playlists that organize these videos to help viewers locate the information they’re looking for.

Consider @nailbetch, a nail artist and influencer. She posts how-to videos for nail care and polish regularly, therefore she ordered her playlists to collect such films.

9. TikToks for Travel

If you enjoy traveling and documenting your trips on TikTok, playlists can help you organize all of your videos into easily digestible chunks. You can construct a playlist for each place if you’ve contributed content from many locales. You could also make a video collection of all the food you’ve eaten around the world.

Madeline Lu is a travel influencer who has visited several destinations and published films from each one. Her playlists are grouped by nation for easier access.

Organize and curate material for your audience.

With all of the TikTok concepts presented above, you should be well prepared to build your first playlist. It’s one of TikTok’s most helpful tools for medium to large creators, and the more videos you have, the more playlists you can make.

Consider a recent video and consider how you can supplement it with further videos. Can you build a series out of it? Is it possible to group stuff?

Keep an eye out for new TikTok features, like playlists, to make the most of your time on the app.

FAQ about TikTok playlists

1. Why can’t I make TikTok playlists?

Only TikTok users with at least 10,000 followers can make a TikTok playlist. Unless you meet that condition, you will not see the playlist choice. If you have at least 10,000 followers but don’t see playlist options, contact TikTok’s support team. To create a playlist, you must also have at least one public video.

2. How do you gain access to TikTok’s Creator Playlists?

Playlists are not available to everyone. When you get 10,000 followers on the TikTok app, you can access Creator Playlists. When you reach this threshold, the TikTok playlist feature should display.

3. How many TikTok followers are required to create playlists?

To create a playlist and upload videos to it, you must have at least 10,000 followers. When you achieve this condition, the playlist choice will display.

4. How do you navigate to a TikTok playlist?

There are two methods for finding a TikTok playlist. The first is on the profile of a user. If they’ve made playlists, you can access them directly from their videos tab. The second method is to use a single video. You can tap to see the rest of the playlist if the video is part of one.

5. How do I make a TikTok profile folder?

On TikTok, tap “sort videos into playlists” on your profile, or hit the “three-dot icon” on an individual video, then tap “add to playlist.” If you haven’t already done so, you can tap “Create playlist.”

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