11 Best TikTok Video Ideas to Boost Your Followers in 2023

11 Best TikTok Video Ideas to Boost Your Followers in 2023

Unleash your creativity and learn fresh TikTok video ideas that you can use on your account right away to differentiate yourself as a brand and creative.

Hold you ever believed, “How did somebody come up with that idea?” when browsing TikTok? People’s creativity that they express on their TikTok accounts doesn’t always appear out of thin air. These TikTok video ideas sometimes come to us from blog entries like this one, other times they come from spending hours on TikTok and seeing what people are sharing, and still other times they come from deeply understanding an industry. We’re going to reveal 11 TikTok videos in this article that you may make whether you’re a rookie content creator or a major brand trying to get noticed.

11 TikTok video suggestions

  • Adapt a YouTube video
  • Reshare a reel from Instagram
  • Embrace a challenge
  • Lip-sync to a brand-new tune.
  • Make a comedic skit.
  • Get ready with me and record it.
  • Post behind-the-scenes pictures
  • Describe how your product operates.
  • Respond to queries from viewers/clients
  • Launch a branded hashtag competition.
  • Display models wearing your merchandise.

Let’s explore each of these concepts in more detail and examine some instances to spark your imagination. We’ll start with six suggestions that are most effective for independent producers, though with a little imagination, you can surely modify them for your brand account.

6 examples of TikTok ideas for creators

1. Use an old YouTube clip

It’s not necessary to always create original stuff when creating content. Many content producers recycle material from many social media sites. So, if you ever run out of ideas for TikTok videos, consider what films you’ve made that TikTok people haven’t yet seen on other social media platforms.

If you have a YouTube channel, for instance, you may use a service like Kapwing to transform your YouTube videos into TikToks. Take care to choose the most fascinating clip(s) to share and resize it for vertical viewing. Although you may create TikToks that are up to ten minutes long, the app’s primary focus is on short movies.

Giving your TikTok followers the link to the long-form version, either in the caption of the post, as the creator below does, or by including it in your link in your bio, is a good idea.

Pro tip: This is also possible with video podcasts, whether they are hosted on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify.

2. Reshare a reel from Instagram

An Instagram Reel can also be formatted for TikTok and reposted. So, if you’re searching for incredible TikTok video ideas, start by browsing your library of Reels content, particularly Reels with plenty of views and active users. There is so much natural overlap between Instagram and TikTok, whether it be in the areas of culinary videos or animal videos, that repurposing your material could be a terrific method to increase your TikTok audience without having to create additional original content.

For instance, Molly Katherine, also known as @scarlettohair on TikTok, is a stylist and fashion designer. She frequently updates on Instagram and TikTok simultaneously. Here’s an illustration of one of her most recent TikToks:

She shared this video on her Instagram Reels page as well. As you can see from both her Instagram and TikTok profiles, she republishes the majority of her Reels content as TikToks, though not all of it:

3. Accept a challenge.

You don’t always have to come up with fresh TikTok video concepts; you can also join in on a challenge or trend. A challenge centered around a particular idea or theme can be started by anyone, and you are welcome to participate. Use the specific TikTok hashtag and the pertinent trending audio that goes with the post, whether it’s an epic lip sync battle or a dance routine, to ensure that everyone else watching the challenge can see your material. You may stand out on TikTok and exercise your imagination at the same time by giving the challenge your special spin.

Not a great dancer? Not an issue. On TikTok, new challenges are always being posted, including ridiculous partner challenges like this one where two brothers attempt the “towel challenge,” as well as dancing, fitness, and musical challenges.

4. Create a lip-synching video.

The ability to lip-sync on TikTok is a relic from when the app was Musical.ly, a platform for dancing and lip-syncing. Lip-syncing might be the next best thing if you love music and performing but can’t hit those Ariana Grande notes, but you don’t only have to lip-sync to songs. On TikTok, there are a lot of popular producers whose careers are based on lip-syncing to popular spoken audio. These videos typically feature humorous clips taken from well-known TV shows and films, with the maker acting out the scenario and lip-syncing to the dialogue. The quality of the video increases with how well you can time your mouth motions to the voice. Before pressing the record button, practice for a while.

One of the highest-paid TikTokers created her entire account using lip-syncs and comedy sketches:

5. Produce an amusing skit

During or after work, people frequently use TikTok to switch off their brains and relax. It follows that entertaining others will be effective in increasing your TikTok engagement. A comedy skit where you (and your friends, partner, or just you on your own) produce stuff to simply make people laugh is a TikTok video concept you can test.

You can put a recent amusing discussion you had with someone—or even a humorous thought that just occurred to you—into a script and make a movie about it. For ideas on the kinds of content people enjoy laughing at the most to aid in the creation of engaging content, you can also browse through other humorous videos on TikTok.

Comedy sketches usually work best when they’re riffing on a topic that’s incredibly relatable, like this one about how Americans are (thanks to TikTok) obsessed with how Australians pronounce the word “no.”

6. Take a get-ready video with me.

Since the early days of YouTube, “get ready with me” videos have always been popular on social media, and TikTok is no different. Content producers frequently talk about their days while applying makeup or offer life advice.

You can produce videos as a content creator that showcase branded goods, such as apparel from stores you frequent or a list of the cosmetics you use to touch up your makeup. It allows you to work with businesses while still producing entertaining and valuable content for your fans. Prepare beside me The popularity of videos on TikTok makes them one of the finest options for sharing snippets of your day with your followers.

5 instances of TikTok brand concepts

1. Display behind-the-scenes pictures

Brands can produce videos that feature a ton of behind-the-scenes images or even make them into a series. You can demonstrate how your product is created, what a typical day in the life of your firm is like, interview staff members to learn about the projects they’re working on, give visitors a tour of your office or store, highlight current product collections that are being developed, and more. People are more likely to support your business and recognize its principles in action if you provide them with greater context regarding the inner workings of your organization.

This scene from the Drew Barrymore Show, which takes us behind the scenes of the action and captures a heartfelt interaction between Drew and a viewer, is a perfect illustration of this:

2. Describe how your product operates

The best method to observe a product demo is in video form. When you run out of ideas for TikTok videos, you may also demonstrate how your product works on the platform. You can broadcast films showcasing your product in an entertaining, lighthearted, and fascinating approach rather than using the standard product demonstration that your sales team produced. Additionally, it will perform better on TikTok. Nobody wants to hear a dry explanation of why they should use a product, but if you have a cool product that you’re selling, you can show it off by making a transformation video, posing a challenge, documenting the unboxing process, giving the origin story of the product, and more.

An illustration from Colourpop Cosmetics showcasing some of their vintage goods and “reintroducing” them to their fans is provided below:

3. Respond to queries from viewers/clients

You may always look to the comments section of your post for inspiration for TikTok videos. You can read a variety of comments left there by individuals who are interested in your company and want to know more. Spend some time examining the questions individuals post in comments and direct messages.

If your business is still relatively new to TikTok, you might contact your internal customer support and inquire about the most frequent queries they receive. Then, you may make a video that addresses these frequently asked issues and adds as much value as you can. When you produce instructional films, people will inevitably start seeking out your knowledge. As you expand both your consumer base and your TikTok following, knowing how to tie everything back to your product will be helpful.

Here is a humorous illustration from a flight attendant addressing a problem she frequently encounters on flights:

4. Hold a branded hashtag competition.

With the help of your fans or influencers, you can launch a branded hashtag challenge on this social media site to generate more user-generated content. An excellent approach to promote your brand during a campaign or provide a hashtag for your company that people can simply share posts with is to have one to two branded hashtags.

Remember that the majority of the time, people will just write in your brand name followed by a hashtag for branded hashtags because it’s the simplest thing to remember. If your brand name, on the other hand, is a well-known expression, you might want to create a special hashtag for it and include it in your TikTok bio so that people will know to use it when making content about you. You may generate more buzz for your business and provide consumers with a simple method to access content about it outside of your own TikTok profile by making a TikTok video announcing a campaign and using a branded hashtag.

Consider this instance from the popular language-learning program and TikTok hit Duolingo. Many of Duolingo’s posts include the two brand-specific hashtags #dulapeep and #dulingo. Many movies like this one from Duolingo are available if you search for them under these tags:

However, there are also many videos of Duolingo users praising the program.

5. Display models using your product

If your TikTok channel is about a tangible product, you should make one or more TikTok videos that show users of the product in action. Modeling new products can be a terrific method to expose people to your products in the fashion and beauty industries. Prepare beside me Videos are always very well received and are effective in the fashion and cosmetics sectors. You may make a limitless number of TikTok films exhibiting models wearing various designs because new fashions and items are released every season (or every week, depending on the size of the brand). To avoid having to create all of your content, you may also invite individuals to contribute their user-generated materials for a chance to be highlighted.

Here is an example of H&M studio-shot video:

Here is some user-generated content (UGC) that Abercrombie shared on their account to highlight some of their athleisure clothing:

How to get ideas for your upcoming TikTok videos

1. Research SEO using

By conducting basic SEO research on TikTok, including discovering keywords and exploring collections of hashtags, you can discover countless ideas for TikTok videos. You can employ hashtag searches by specifically searching for the type of content you’re hoping to create, whether you make dance videos or lip-syncing videos, to ride the TikTok algorithm’s wave.

You can use TikTok’s search engine to look for content in your specialty by entering a word that is pertinent to it. Then, you may look through every TikTok video you discover to see which ones receive the most viewer involvement. To uncover even more pertinent content, you can also check to see which other relevant hashtags people have used on their videos.

2. Follow current trends

The sexiest dancing moves to the hottest songs aren’t the only recent trends on TikTok. More people will start using TikTok as a resource for knowledge, product reviews, and community in 2023 and beyond.

Of course, you may still make your challenge, spread happiness with amusing movies, or copy a viral video that no one has ever seen before. To stay ahead of the curve, however, as TikTok expands, concentrate on TikTok’s overarching trends of educating people, entertaining them, and creating an online community with your following. Your fans can provide you with a ton of TikTok ideas, so pay close attention to their comments and direct messages.

Best Tiktok Video Ideas

3. Keep an eye on what other companies and innovators in your niche are up to.

By seeing what others in your area are doing on social media, you can get a ton of inspiration. What is the most recent popular video in your niche? Has your niche been the subject of any funny or instructive videos? How can you differentiate what you do from what everyone else is doing?

Instead of overtly imitating what other TikTok users are doing, take a look at what they’re doing and find a fresh angle or perspective to contribute to increasing your TikTok influence.

4. Create a series for which you can continuously produce content.

Finding ideas for your next video doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you have a concept for a series that you can continue to add to with new content. Among the topics for the video series are “things I wish I knew in my 30s (or any age),” “meeting the team behind the brand,” “product review series,” and “a day in the life.”

Multiple videos about the same subject might be a terrific way to keep your TikTok account updated with new material. You may also start a series where you conduct open-air interviews with people to learn their thoughts so that your TikTok account always features fresh viewpoints and tales.

Bonus advice: If you use TikTok playlists, you can make it simple for your viewers to get all of the related content in one spot by organizing your serial content into playlists.


TikTok is ultimately a game of numbers. You need to have a ton of ideas to select from and just keep making TikTok videos because not all of them will become popular. But it doesn’t imply you have to constantly come up with fresh concepts. Make use of inspiration to aid you.

You may find inspiration for your TikTok videos practically everywhere, including your TikTok feed, influencer partnerships, current trends and happenings in the news, and even other social media platforms. Additionally, you are not required to provide original content for each platform. You can also reuse material from other social media platforms for video.

Check out Kapwing’s TikTok video editor whether you’re producing content for TikTok as a creator or for a brand to make engaging films.


What kind of material works best for TikTok?

There is a wide variety of content that does well on TikTok, including short-form humor, dance challenges, videos of people lip-syncing, life tips, instructional material, and more. Finding your specialty and creating material that connects with your audience are the keys to creating great TikTok content.

2. What is effective for business on TikTok?

Branded hashtag challenges, product demonstrations, reposted user-generated material, and more are among the greatest TikTok video ideas for businesses.

3. How can I come up with a TikTok idea for my company?

By looking at TikTok trends, developing a recurring series, spending time watching TikTok videos in your niche, researching SEO, and working with influencers for a variety of original ideas, you may come up with a TikTok idea for your company.

4. What good TikTok concepts are there?

Dance competitions, before-and-after makeovers, behind-the-scenes films, a day in life content, product demos and reviews, and comedic skits are a few good TikTok ideas.

5. How do brands become popular on TikTok?

Businesses can use TikTok to their advantage by participating in the platform’s trends, showcasing their authenticity, being relatable, creating attention-grabbing video content, partnering with influencers or other brands, using hashtags for searchability, and engaging with TikTok’s trends.

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