10 Best Techniques for Boosting Your TikTok Following

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10 Best Techniques for Boosting Your TikTok Following

Don’t waste your time buying TikTok followers; instead, use these strategies to expand your audience naturally while producing quality content.

On TikTok, gaining followers for your account is the name of the game.

Your account’s success depends heavily on your TikTok followers. The For You tab on TikTok demonstrates that the platform’s algorithm prefers displaying material from users’ favorite accounts. Your content will be seen more and receive more views and engagement if you have more TikTok followers.

Of course, we’d all like to see an overnight explosion in the number of followers we have, but that’s not very likely. You shouldn’t rely on getting a significant rush of new TikTok followers when one of your videos becomes popular.

The average TikTok account gains followers at a pace of 2 to 3% per month, according to RivalIQ. For smaller accounts with fewer than 50,000 followers, that amount is a little higher at more than 4% per month.

That implies that, barring each and every one of your TikTok videos going viral, the rise of your followers should be gradual and constant.

While buying TikTok followers might seem appealing, it’s not a good idea.

Because these followers will be bots or dead accounts and won’t actually watch or interact with your content, which is what you truly want, buying TikTok followers doesn’t work as a growth strategy. Additionally, if a business is interested in working with you, they will be able to tell that you bought TikTok followers because your follower count will be high but your views will be low. And that doesn’t look good.

Focus on these tried-and-true methods to build your TikTok audience naturally rather than purchasing followers:

  • Publish compelling, high-quality content and improve your TikTok profile.
  • Practice Google TikTok
  • Organize joint projects with other TikTok creators.
  • Participate in the TikTok scene
  • Influencer marketing should be used.
  • Promote in tandem on many social media sites
  • Post regular, consistent material
  • Analyze and improve your TikTok output.
  • Keep up with TikTok features and trends.
  • Here, we’ll get deeper into each of these strategies to increase your TikTok followers in an organic and real way.
  • 10 tested methods to increase your TikTok following

Here’s a detailed look at 10 methods for increasing your TikTok following.

1. Produce informative, interesting content

 This is the first tactic because it is the most crucial. Above all things, you should strive to make TikToks that viewers will enjoy. The best TikToks are those that are interesting and of the highest quality, despite the fact that you can apply every other technique in the book.

Don’t worry, the advice given here goes beyond simply saying, “Be good at TikTok.” Great TikToks require more than just creativity; they also require platform awareness, including defining your specialty and target audience, being authentic, and tracking trends.

Recognize your target market and specialization.

On TikTok, you don’t want to try to appeal to everyone. TikTok is an app that is made up of a variety of groups. Your first task should be to pinpoint your niche and the audience that is most likely to be interested in that material.

That might be:

  • Food Cosmetics and skincare
  • Fitness-based identity-based e-commerce niches
  • cute animals and pets
  • The list is endless.

You’ll attract more views if you identify a niche for your account and produce material specifically for that audience. Additionally, it’s a smart move because TikTok’s algorithm strives to highlight relevant topics in videos to viewers who are interested in them. The algorithm will locate you viewers who enjoy your material more quickly if you stick to your niche.

Display your personality and honesty

Authenticity is the key factor on TikTok. Instead of stale influencer material or lifeless businesses, viewers want to have a connection to the platform’s creators. The most popular TikTok producers focus on showcasing their personalities in their work, which includes not only being on camera but also expressing their genuine emotions, thoughts, and sense of humor. Fans on TikTok are those who connect with other users.

Utilize popular issues and problems

Maintain the freshness of your TikToks by following app trends and challenges. Once more, the algorithm is at work because it wants to ensure that material from participating producers appears when anything on TikTok is trending. Increasing the algorithm’s happiness will result in more views and TikTok subscribers.

2. Improve your TikTok account.

Make the most of your profile page because it is where you or your brand will first create its voice.

Create a captivating biography

Every phrase counts because TikTok biographies are only 80 characters long. You want a phrase that sums up your distinct voice, encapsulates what kind of content you produce, and is brief and to the point.

Consider adding a few relevant keywords, some humor, and maybe even a few emojis to your material. Additionally, you may include a call to action, such as “Follow me for daily recipes.” People are more inclined to follow you when they are aware of what to anticipate from your account.

A memorable username is advised.

Your username serves as your TikTok identity, therefore it needs to be distinctive and memorable. If you’re trying to establish a name for yourself as a creative, it may make the most sense for you to use your real name. You can also include a term that relates to your content, such as JeffCooks or EmmaMakeup.

Otherwise, choose a clever, sardonic, or just humorous phrase. Simply avoid being cliched.

Emphasize your patented offering.

What sets you apart from the competition is what you call your unique selling proposition. What skill do you possess that no one else possesses?

This reveals both your niche and your distinctive point of view inside that niche. For instance, you don’t just make comedic TikToks; you make comedic TikToks with a mental health theme. Or perhaps you are a master at finding old items in addition to being a fashion designer.

To introduce yourself to your TikTok followers, consider what makes you special and put that information in your profile.

3. Employ TikTok SEO

On TikTok, search engine optimization has grown in significance as a result of the platform’s powerful search feature.

Use appropriate keywords.

The search function on TikTok can comprehend more than simply hashtags. When a user does a search, it has the ability to scan every section of a TikTok, from the description to the subtitles. In order for users to find your account and start following you on TikTok, it is crucial for discoverability to include keywords in your content.

Here is what we discovered, for instance, when we searched for “rescue farm animals.” This TikTok from The Gentle Barn is the top result. Take note of the thorough caption, which includes terms like “rescued cows” and “animal sanctuary.”

Use appropriate hashtags

Hashtags are still another crucial component of the app’s search and yet another opportunity for potential TikTok followers to discover you. When posting new content, come up with a list of relevant hashtags and try to use three to five of them. Mix popular and trending hashtags with more specialized ones.

As an illustration, this TikTok from @Bramble_button_and_bean appeared when searching for “cute farm animals.” A mix of popular hashtags like #farming and more specific ones like #valaisblacknoselambs may be seen in the description.

Discover and use popular audio

Additionally, consumers look for certain audio clips and songs on TikTok. By utilizing popular music, you may increase the number of TikTok followers you have and make your content searchable.

Users can utilize the search field to look up a specific musician or song to discover which are now marked as “popular.” You can also see how many videos have been made with this sound from this view.

Looking at the TikTok Creative Center is a terrific method to find out which music and noises are popular on the app. Additionally, you may locate TikToks, creators, and trending hashtags here.

4. Work with additional TikTok creators

Partnering with other creators is another approach to increase your audience and the number of TikTok users who follow you.

Contact like-minded creators to work together

Finding creators who would be suitable collaboration partners is the first step. There are two approaches to this.

First, you can identify content producers in your own niche who are engaged in comparable activities. If you produce beauty content, for instance, you might play a game where you choose each other’s goods for a look or collaborate with another beauty influencer to give each other makeovers. The benefit in this situation is that your audiences will be comparable and more likely to enjoy material from both of you, offering you a way to draw in new TikTok users.

The alternative is to track down a content producer who produces entirely unrelated material to your own. That will present your account to a brand-new audience that may not have otherwise followed you on TikTok and who are unlikely to notice it on their For You page.

Sending a message to a creator on TikTok or from one of their other profiles, like Instagram, is the ideal way to inquire about a possible cooperation. Suggest a partnership where you can both produce original content that draws in new viewers.

Play duets and respond to the content

Duets and stitches, two built-in features of TikTok, let users to collaborate with other creators. A stitch plays a different TikTok before you add your own video to it, and a duet adds your response to the TikTok next to the original in a new video.

In either scenario, you have the option to respond to someone else’s material and grab their followers’ attention by appearing on their For You page.

Find a TikTok that you wish to respond to, hit the Share icon, and then choose Duet.

Promote each other’s profiles in tandem

Sharing each other’s profiles is a last approach to collaborate with other authors. Making a TikTok expressing how much you appreciate someone’s stuff and tagging them in the description can do this. You can work out a deal with another creator where you both promote the other to your respective TikTok audiences.

When you initially start out, this can help you gain more fans, especially if the creative you collaborate with already has a sizable TikTok fan base.

5. Interact with the TikTok audience

You need to actively interact with your followers and other people’s material on TikTok in order to fully participate in the community. Simply posting stuff on the platform isn’t enough.

React to messages and comments

Creators that are considerate will take the time to reply to DMs and comments on their TikTok videos. Even something as straightforward as responding to a question might help you build a relationship with your followers and persuade others to follow you on TikTok.

You can’t reasonably respond to every comment or direct message as your following increases. Not you either. Set limits for yourself; for example, you won’t respond to harsh remarks or direct messages (DMs) for more than an hour per day. When creating viral videos, it’s crucial to enforce these restrictions because they can help you reach far beyond your intended audience.

Share, like, and comment on other material

Making yourself more visible on TikTok is key to gaining new fans. You can get some of that help through the For You page, but another option is to frequently leave comments on and appreciate other creators’ work. Readers might locate your account and become new followers by leaving comments on popular material or content from related creators.

Participate in live TikTok streaming

Similar to this, taking part in live streaming is a strategy to promote yourself. Participate in the comments or make a gift when a creative you like goes live. The other viewers will be given access to your name and a link to your account. These actions also let the algorithm know that you’re a committed member of the TikTok community, increasing the likelihood that it will highlight your postings in other users’ FYPs.

Join TikTok trends and challenges.

One of the most entertaining things you can do on TikTok is participate in trends, which also offers another chance to promote your account. TikTok’s algorithm gives priority placement to viral trends, displaying your content on more viewers’ For You pages. It’s a fantastic way to engage with TikTok’s culture while also gaining new followers and accounts.

6. Make use of influencer advertising

This is a piece of advice for businesses using TikTok who want to gain more fans.

Find the leaders in your niche.

Finding creators that are a good fit for your brand is the first step in collaborating with influencers. Even if it could be alluring to focus only on collaborating with the most well-known creators, that isn’t a wise course of action. If your brand is relevant to the niche of a particular influencer, their followers are more likely to be interested in your good or service.

Look for creators that have a large number of followers as well as a steady stream of likes and comments by searching the hashtags related to your niche. The intention is for their TikTok fans to switch over to being yours as well.

Work together with influencers to create takeovers or shoutouts

On TikTok, there are numerous methods to collaborate with influencers. You can set up a straightforward shoutout in which a creator mentions your brand and tags your account.

You may also consider a takeover, where an influencer manages your account and uploads material from it while adhering to certain rules. This will grab their existing TikTok followers’ attention and entice them to follow you as well.

Utilize sponsored content to expand your audience

Getting in touch with influencers to create sponsored content is the most common method of working with them. A brand is explicitly promoted when an influencer posts anything on their own account. On TikTok, this kind of material will be identified by the hashtags #partner, #ad, or #sponsored.

The amount paid for this kind of labor varies substantially depending on an influencer’s following and engagement rate. Smaller influencers typically give higher engagement while also being more economical.

Using Mariah Michelle, alias @magnoliahillhouse, a lesser-known influencer, as an example, she just published a sponsored article for Spotify:

An influencer that creates engaging sponsored content for your brand may attract a ton of new TikTok users. This is a much better investment than purchasing TikTok followers if you have money to spare.

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7. Promote on different social media networks

You most certainly have profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms in addition to TikTok, as well. To gain more TikTok followers, take advantage of your social media presence.

Promote your TikTok account on other social media sites.

It’s a safe bet that someone who follows you on Facebook or Instagram would also like to follow you on TikTok. Anywhere you have a social media presence, be sure to connect to your TikTok page. The ideal way to achieve this is to use a program like Link Tree or Later to create a link-in-bio page that includes all of your social network links. Include this link in your bio on platforms other than TikTok so that fans may locate your TikTok with ease from anywhere.

Here is a LinkTree sample from Molly Katherine, a hair influencer on Reels and TikTok.

She can direct Instagram followers to her TikTok account by placing a link to her LinkTree in her Instagram bio.

Share TikTok videos on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Making quick films for TikTok gives you content you can post on other social networking sites. TikToks are ideal for sharing as a Facebook video, Instagram Reel, or YouTube Short. You can share a link or screenshot instead of downloading your TikToks and posting them directly on these platforms. You can share your TikToks wherever social media is used. This results in more TikTok users.

Additionally, you may utilize TikTok to drive traffic to other platforms in the opposite direction. If you produce lengthy YouTube videos, this is extremely helpful. You can make brief videos to advertise your channel on TikTok by using a YouTube to TikTok converter. In the title of your video, provide a call to action such as “Catch the rest of the video on my YT channel; link in bio!”

Encourage your current followers to subscribe to you on TikTok

Although you may also be more direct, a link-in-bio with a link to your TikTok is a fantastic passive technique to encourage new TikTok followers. Share the URL to your TikTok account often on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram Stories, and make it clear that you want others to follow you.

Boosting Your Tiktok Follwing

8. Publish regular, consistent content

Nobody wants to follow a profile that is inactive or that just sometimes publishes. Make sure you provide it because TikTok users want to follow accounts they know will consistently upload quality material.

Make a content calendar.

Establish a content schedule for your TikTok account to position yourself for success. It’s a lot, but TikTok itself suggests publishing one to four times every day. If you’re just getting started, set your goals for a few times per week, such as every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. As you become more accustomed to the platform, put some pressure on yourself to adhere to this routine and increase its frequency.

Try out different video lengths and formats.

It’s not necessary for your material to be stale if you strive for consistency. Posting often provides you the chance to experiment with various TikTok formats and lengths. You can experiment with a 15-second skit one day and a two-minute lecture the next.

The benefit of this is that it allows you to experiment with the kinds of articles that appeal to your own followers and keeps your feed interesting.

Review and modify the publishing frequency

Once you have a collection of materials, you can examine your TikTok analytics to determine how well each video is doing. You might find that sharing content at a specific hour of the day or on a specific day of the week generates more engagement, views, or new TikTok followers.

9. Examine and enhance your TikTok results.

You can utilize a third-party analytics platform or the native analytics available in TikTok. Whichever you choose, these metrics offer priceless insight into the operation of your TikTok accounts. Your feed can be improved to attract more TikTok users.

Use TikTok’s analytics tool to find the most popular content.

The analytics tool for TikTok has a ton of helpful data on content, including:

  • see videos
  • When you personally post on TikTok the most Information about your TikTok followers
  • account views
  • Favorite Comments

This will show you which of your videos have the greatest appeal to your TikTok subscribers. Use that knowledge to continue producing content that follows those themes, whether that entails taking part in challenges, employing popular audio, or exploring a certain subject.

  • This information will be far less valuable because it won’t be accurate if you buy TikTok followers.
  • Recognize the demographics and insights of your audience.
  • Important details about your TikTok followers can be found in the demographics area of your analytics, such as their:
  • Age, Place, and Gender
  • The fact that this information will be meaningless if the accounts are fake is another deterrent to buying TikTok followers.
  • Based on analytics, modify your content approach.

When you combine all of this knowledge, you can make some insightful decisions about the kind of material you ought to produce. You know you’re discovering the right individuals and the proper TikTok followers, for instance, if you make parenting-related material and the majority of your TikTok followers are women between the ages of 25 and 34. Alternatively, if taking part in a hashtag challenge generates more interactions than other material, you know it’s a wise move to keep completing those challenges.

Follow the data because gaining TikTok followers is correlated with views, likes, and comments.

10. Keep up with TikTok features and trends.

  • Finally, stay up with platform updates to maintain your TikTok account current and relevant.
  • Keep up with TikTok’s official news and updates.
  • Keep up with TikTok changes by subscribing to official channels like:
  • The newsroom on TikTok
  • Twitter’s TikTok account for your nation
  • business announcements on TikTok
  • Examine fresh tools and effects for video editing.

TikTok regularly adds new editing features and effects to the app. For instance, Giphy animations and the option to upload high-quality movies were added to TikTok in 2021.

Trendy AI filters, for example, are frequently available in the effects gallery.

To make something original, you may also use a TikTok video editor like Kapwing. Just bear in mind to keep all of your overlays and text in the secure area.

Take part in memes and challenges that become viral.

The top TikTok content producers enjoy trying out novel challenges and memes. This not only benefits the algorithm but also demonstrates your engagement with the platform.

For instance, the platform’s green and red flag filters have experienced tremendous success for the summer of 2023.

Try out the latest TikTok features.

To improve your content and profile, TikTok is constantly introducing new features. For instance, TikTok playlists, a more recent addition to the app, let you organize your movies into collections.

Why would you ever buy TikTok followers when there are so many other ways to earn followers naturally? New TikTok followers come from producing excellent content.

The key to generating greater visibility for your account and attracting new TikTok users is to consistently produce high-quality content based on analytics. Try these strategies before you’re tempted to buy TikTok followers. Your account will gain real TikTok followers who truly enjoy your content and your TikTok account over time, but it won’t happen overnight.

FAQs for TikTok users

Who on TikTok has the most followers?

Khaby Lame, who is well-known for his comedy and silent reactions, has the most followers on TikTok.

Should I purchase TikTok subscribers?

No, purchasing TikTok followers won’t benefit your account in any way. Typically, when purchasing TikTok followers, you are purchasing follows from bots or inactive accounts. There won’t be any likes, comments, or other interactions as a result of it. True fans on TikTok will engage with your content and be real followers.

Where can I find inexpensive TikTok fans?

People will attempt to offer you cheap TikTok followers, but you shouldn’t fall for it. You won’t get interactions like comments, likes, and shares when you buy TikTok followers, even though those are what you actually need to expand your account on the platform. Because of the high quality of your content, true TikTok lovers will follow you.

Is it worthwhile to buy TikTok followers?

No! Since you produce quality content and engage with your account, only real TikTok users follow you.

Where can I find inexpensive TikTok fans?

People will attempt to offer you cheap TikTok followers, but you shouldn’t fall for it. You won’t get interactions like comments, likes, and shares when you buy TikTok followers, even though those are what you actually need to expand your account on the platform. Because of the high quality of your content, true TikTok lovers will follow you.

Is it worthwhile to buy TikTok followers?

No! Since you produce quality content and engage with your account, only real TikTok users follow you.

Why do I require 1,000 TikTok fans?

To go live on the app, you need 1,000 followers on TikTok. To join the Creator Fund, you also need 10,000 TikTok followers.

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