Casey Beane’s Biography, Age, Net Worth And Life Style

Who Is Casey Beane? Everything About Billy Beane’s Daughter

The Oakland Athletics’ current front office executive, Billy Beane, and his ex-wife, Cathy Sturdivant, are the parents of Casey Beane. In 2011, Casey received fame for landing her part in a highly acclaimed Hollywood film that recounted the cost-effective methods her then-GM father used to value and attract players.

As in her father’s real life, Casey, Billy’s daughter, also features prominently in the cinematic adaption. Even three decades after his first arrival, it appears in part thanks to her that the former outfielder from Orlando is still a member of the Oakland Athletics.

Learn how Casey had a role in Billy’s extended stay with the A’s. Read about her life since it was made into a movie, including whether or not she is as well-known as her father, whether she is married, whether she is dating anyone, and more.

Casey Beane Studied At Kenyon College

She was most likely born in California in May in the early 1990s. Her paternal grandfather served as a Navy commander.

(2004–2008) Casey attended Sage Hill School. Additionally, Billy’s daughter attended Kenyon College in Ohio from 2008 until 2012.

Casey has two half-siblings, Tinsley Beane and Brayden Beane, who she inherited via her father’s marriage to his current partner, Tara Beane. Billy decided to start scouting right around the time of her birth.

Who Is Casey Beane’s Mother? Her Parents Had Lived Together Since Their Childhood

In February 1986, Billy and Cathy, Casey’s parents, were married in San Diego. Billy and Cathy have been friends since they were little. Both of them were grown in San Diego. Additionally, the previous couple went to the same high school.

Sturdivant, Casey’s mommy, was a three-time best tennis All-American at the best University of California-San Diego. She was born in 1970.

She was born to Billy and his former spouse, Cathy Sturdivant when the former was just beginning his professional baseball career.

She Has Two Half-Siblings

Casey’s parents split, and Casey’s papa later wed Tara in 1999. The couple has a twin, a brother, Brayden, and a daughter, Tinsley Beane, as a result of their relationship. They came into the world on January 15, 2008.

Despite not sharing a biological parent, Casey, and the twins are nevertheless quite close.

Billy Beane Contradicted To Exit California For His Daughter, Casey

Billy passed up the opportunity to leap from Oakland to Boston in the autumn of 2002 because he couldn’t bear to part with his daughter, whose mother at the time resided in San Diego, California.

Billy turned down multiple offers from other organizations, mostly because he wanted to stay in California and be close to his daughter Casey at all times. To be near her, he once declined a 12-million-dollar offer from the Boston Red Sox.

Beane eventually had no more geographic restrictions on his job while she was in her 20s and moving full-speed ahead towards an autonomous life.

Who Portrayed Casey Beane In Moneyball?

In the 2011 sports drama movie Moneyball, Casey was portrayed by actress Kerris Dorsey from Walk The Line and Just Like Heaven.

Did Casey Sing The Song In The Film, Moneyball?

Among the different stages between the actress that recreated Casey and Brad Pitt as Billy in the film Moneyball, two hooks contain where the on-screen, Casey pipes for her on-screen father.

In the climactic scene, Pitt, who is playing the general manager of the Oakland Athletics at the time, is driving and listening to Casey’s songs. The moment is connected to a previous scene in the movie where she sang the song for him in a guitar shop. The Show is the title of the composition by Australian vocalist Lenka.

Since then, many people have come to believe that the genuine Beane was the one speaking. However, the actress Kerris Dorsey was the one who delivered the voice for the performance.


Dorsey was 13 years old when the movie was made.

Where Is Casey Beane Now?

For those of you curious as to what Billy Beane’s daughter works, Casey is currently a director (Client Relationship Group) at Balyasny Asset Management LP, Chicago, Illinois, according to her LinkedIn account.

She began working there in September 2019. Before Balyasny, Billy’s daughter Cathy managed investor relations at Citadel in Illinois.

She also worked in the medical field in Washington, DC, at some point while in college. Casey presently lives in the Greater Chicago Area.

Casey Beane’s Net Worth

Billy Beane, formerly Casey’s general manager and now the Oakland Athletics executive vice president of baseball operations, has long been a multimillionaire in the sports world.

Billy helped make sports analytics popular by using his renowned sabermetric ideas to field a winning team despite having a very modest payroll.

Although Beane may not have been the highest-paid general manager in sports history, he is undoubtedly one of the most well-known figures in that field.

The wealth of Casey’s father, who is worth over $30 million, is still increasing. In addition to a reported $3 million salary, he is a minority owner of the Oakland Athletics, English EFL Championship team Barnsley FC, and Dutch Eredivisie team AZ Alkmaar.

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