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All Breed Pedigree – Foods With Fitness

All Breed Pedigree is a large online database that contains information on the pedigrees of many dog breeds. It is an invaluable resource for dog fans, breeders, and researchers interested in the ancestry and genetic history of many dog breeds.

The database includes prominent breeds such as Labrador Retrievers, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, French Bulldogs, and many more. It intends to provide pedigrees for as many breeds as possible, allowing users to research specific dogs’ ancestors and trace their genealogy back multiple generations.

The All Breed Pedigree contains information such as the registered names of the dogs, their registration numbers, dates of birth, and the names of their ancestors. It has a complex family tree-like structure that allows users to go through numerous generations and investigate the relationships between different canines. Breeders who want to analyze the genetic variety and health of possible mating pairings may find this especially valuable.

The database is constantly being updated and expanded to include new breeds and pedigree information. It is based on information provided by dog owners, breeders, kennel clubs, and other trustworthy sources. It should be noted, however, that the correctness and completeness of the pedigrees are dependent on the availability and quality of the data provided.

All Breed Pedigree

All Breed Pedigree, in addition to the online database, provides a variety of services and tools to enhance the user experience. Search capabilities, pedigree certificates, interactive family tree visualizations, and the opportunity to contribute and amend pedigree information are among them.

Overall, All Breed Pedigree is a useful resource for anyone interested in learning about the pedigree and ancestry of various dog breeds. It offers a centralized and easily accessible platform for researching pedigrees, increasing breed transparency, and supporting educated breeding decisions.

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