Ali Wong Talks About Her “Unconventional” Divorce and How She and Her Ex-Husband Remain “Best Friends”

Ali Wong Talks About Her “Unconventional” Divorce and How She and Her Ex-Husband Remain “Best Friends”

Ali Wong  – After eight years of marriage, the comedian and Justin Hakuta announced their divorce in April 2022.

Despite their determination to complete their wedding after eight years jointly, Ali Wong noted that she and her ex-husband Justin Hakuta stay “best friends.”

The comedian and the internet entrepreneur announced their breakup in April 2022, and a year later, she believes that despite their love connection is over, their friendship is stronger than ever. Wong told The Hollywood Reporter in an interview published on Wednesday, “We’ve been through so much together.” It’s an unusual divorce.”

On the day of her interview with the outlet, she had just finished a game of pickleball with Hakuta, and she added that he will also be joining her on tour this summer as she tests out some new material about her life following their divorce. Mari and Nikki, the former couple’s two daughters, will also accompany them on the road trip.

“I’m still workshopping it,” the Always Be My Maybe actress added, “but the bones are there and it came to me very quickly.” This is the first hour I’ve spent alone since I started. “I think we’ll contact it the Single Lady term.” Wong also handled circumstances that her before humor special, Don Wong, recreated a position in her matrimony’s research.

In the program, she completes different jokes around her association, including that she is jealous of unmarried people because she “too, was earlier free” but “taste an idiot, I requested this dude to ask me to go to prison.” And now I’m stuck in monogamy jail, with no way out.” Wong, on the other hand, claims that people are reading too much into her jokes, saying, “I can’t help it. Not at all.”

What surprised the comedian the multiple was how many individuals managed that they were reaching divorced at all. “I did not desire the knowledge to be so widely disseminated,” she estimated, “but by far the numerous complicated piece of receiving divorced was my mother’s response.” “When I informed her I felt we were going to divorce, she was furious. ‘Can you just wait until I die?’ she pleaded, looking me in the eyes. She was essentially telling me not to live my life for myself. But she’s 82 years old, so what do I expect? Her period hasn’t come in 40 years.

She’s reached the abyss of senior citizenship. But it was still incredibly difficult for her to deal with her fear of embarrassment.” “But then, what was kind of cool about the announcement was that she didn’t have to tell any of her friends,” Wong concluded. They all found out since it was published in several Chinese and Vietnamese newspapers—I still don’t understand why they’d be interested in me—and they all called her. She died a million deaths in one day, awoke the next day, and said, ‘I survived.’ She still sees Justin frequently.”

Wong and Hakuta originally fulfilled at a friend’s wedding blowout in 2010, when Hakuta was always a Harvard Business School student and Fulbright partner. They clicked, and four years later, in November 2014, the couple married in San Francisco, welcoming their first child a year later. At the time, the comedian’s rep confirmed the split, stating, “It’s friendly, and they resolve resume to co-parent lovingly.”

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