Who is Norma Gibson, Biography & Facts About Tyrese Gibson’s Ex-Wife

Who is Norma Gibson, Biography & Facts About Tyrese Gibson’s Ex-Wife

Tyrese Gibson‘s ex-wife is Norma Gibson, 40 years old and born in 1981. Tyrese Gibson was nominated for a Grammy six times, and after marrying Tyrese, Norma Mitchell became well-known. Additionally, Norma is a painter whose work is only known to others. Her social media account has been posted while she’s been painting.

As the first wife of an American singer-songwriter, Norma is best known. the “Fast and the Furious” film season , “Four Brothers” and Transformers franchises.

They are no longer together because they are both currently divorced. Shayla Gibson, their daughter, will be 14 years old in 2021. Samantha Lee is the name of Tyrese Gibson’s second wife, whom he married after this. the person he is currently living his married life with.

Norma Gibson Biography, Early Life & Birthday

Gibson, Norma Background Norma Mitchell was born in London, United Kingdom, in 1981. She has British citizenship. Her mother is Israeli, and she is a mixed-race woman.

Norma Gibson

Norma Gibson Family (Father, Mother & Ethnicity

She is a strong, independent lady who does not have any special ties to social media and does not enjoy discussing her private life in public. There hasn’t been much information available about her personal life as a result. How did she spend her youth? Social media has made information about her married life visible, but her private life has been kept secret.

Norma is with her father, whom she adores, and it is because of him that her father is by her side in all of her difficulties. And her father, who always looks out for her like a young girl, is her best friend. 

Thank you for always being there for me and giving me support when I needed it most. I talk into your ear for hours, and you patiently listen while supporting my efforts to overcome my difficulties.

I appreciate those times. You intervened to assist me in raising Shayla. Thank you for spending hours FaceTiming with her as I make supper or take us to bed. Even though it was 4 a.m. in London, you stayed up every night to read to her father. We adore you enormously, popsicles.

Norma Gibson’s Wiki

Name Norma Gibson

Birth Name Norma Mitchell

Birthplace London, United Kingdom.

Birthday 1981

Age 40 years

Zodiac Sign N/A

Hometown London

Nationality American, Israeli

Parents Father – Not Known.

Mother – Not Known.

Profession Not Known.

Husband Tyrese Gibson

Children Daughter – Shayla Somer Gibson

Son – None

Tyrese Gibson’s Second Wife Samantha Lee

Ethnicity Mixed

Marital Status Divorced ( in 2009)

Net Worth (approx.) $560K – $880K US Dollars

Norma Gibson’s Age, Height, and Weight

Norma Gibson is 42 years old right now. Norma is a tall woman, standing at 5 feet 7 inches, and she weighs about 117 lbs. She is appealing to look at and has a very hot figure. Her face, which could be described as a model’s face, is also pretty attractive. She has brown eyes and really attractive dark curly hair. She is the ex-wife of a Hollywood actor, and men find her to be quite attractive and in good physical form.

 Everything Around Norma Gibson And Tyrese Gibson’s Ex-Wife

After her marriage to Tyrese Gibson, Norma Mitchell became the subject of the media’s most prominent headlines. After they started dating, Norma rose to fame. Tyrese Gibson was Norma Gibson’s second husband. Norma was previously married to Tyrese following the dissolution of her marriage to her first spouse.

Domestic violence, fights, arguments, and harassment are cited as the causes of the first wife’s divorce from her husband. Norma initially got a divorce from her first husband because she didn’t feel respected by him and because she had grown quite tired of the arguments, and then she got married again to Tyrese Gibson. And even that couldn’t endure for long.

Tyrese Gibson and Norma Mitchell got hitched in 2007. They gave birth to their daughter Shayla Gibson not long after being married. Only a few months after the birth of their daughter in 2007, they both decided to end their marriage.

Norma Gibson (Inspirational Vitriol x Household Violence )

They both experienced numerous issues in their marriage, which is why they were only able to last one year before filing for divorce in 2009. Tyrese and Gibson are no longer cohabitating. Tyrese Gibson is now living with his second wife, Samantha Lee, after getting married.

When the case moved to court, Norma Mitchell accused her husband Tyrese Gibson of repeatedly abusing her and raising her hand. After a comprehensive investigation, it was determined that the claim was not supported in any way. Since none of the accusations made against her husband were supported by evidence, they were all deemed to be untrue. In this case, no case had been established against her spouse.

Tyrese Gibson Daughter’s Shayla Somer Gibson’s Custody

Since Tyrese Gibson and Norma Gibson’s divorce in 2014, Tyrese Gibson has been pursuing custody of her daughter. About Shayla Gibson, their daughter, there has been a lot of contention between them. There is a lot of media buzz regarding both of them wanting to get custody of the girl. The mother may receive custody, according to the court.

According to the PMG report, Tyres, the father, is extremely irate because the mother was granted custody of his daughter in 2014 and because she disobeyed the court’s order to care for the child.

Early in January, Norma Gibson departed the country, leaving her 11-year-old daughter with a friend of a neighbor. Teres claims Mitchell mortgaged the girl to her friend in a new court file, according to TMG, so that she could sleep at night before she traveled on a foreign trip. Tyrese Mitchell took matters into her own hands and declared that if mother Norma Mitchell is out or goes, she will keep her kid with her. Although she is in her father’s care, the daughter needs a lot of attention that was not provided because of the mother’s departure.

Children (Son & Daughter)

Norma Gibson asserted that she cannot carry the full cost of the daughter because she is working for this and spending a lot of time writing her book. Mitchell asked the court that it bear the entire cost of the daughter after gaining custody of the child. She is busy with other life-related tasks, making it impossible for her to give her daughter her whole attention. She expects Tyrese to pay the sum for her expenses to be covered by her obligations.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.) Feet Inches – 5′ 7″

in meters – 1.7 m

in centimeter – 170 cm

Weight (approx.) in Kilograms – 53 Kg

in Pounds – 117 lbs

Eyes color Brown

Hair Color Black

Hair type Curly

Shoe size 6 UK

Body Measurements 35 – 29 – 36


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