Netflix ‘You’ Victoria Pedretti realises how ‘crazy’ her character was after watching season 3

Netflix ‘You’ Victoria Pedretti realises how ‘crazy’ her character was after watching season 3

‘You’ on Netflix In Penn Badgley’s podcast, Victoria Pedretti talks about the absurdity of her character Love.
Netflix It was only after watching season 3 of the well-known crime drama You that Love’s actor Victoria Pedretti realized how “crazy” her character was.
On Pedretti’s attack of Badgley’s podcast Podcrushed, the co-stars examined the various approaches they take to performing their ethically nuanced feelings.
Hats off to you as an artist,” Badgley stated in a tribute to the actress. Again, I think it’s great. I believe that when you’re on set and playing her, you relate with her.
The 36-year-old actor stated, when asked about his experience playing Joe in the show, “I think the way I view Joe in some ways limits the way I’m able to portray him, whereas you embrace her.”

Victoria Pedretti

Pedretti said that until she viewed the first episode of the third season, she had embraced Love to the extent that she had not realized how “crazy” her character was.
The party counted, “I was fishing, ‘This is nuts, She’s so expletive wild.
Pedretti persisted by saying that she held lived so distracted with authentically presenting Love’s character that she had forgotten to visit Love’s passionate nature before.
“Because at that point, I existed removed from it, and currently that I’m working it, I realize that I lived a part of it,” The principal of The Haunting of Bly Manor told.
“I was really like, these are the circumstances, this is her justification, and that’s it,” she continued. These words must be spoken for them to be fully felt. Analyzing it or passing judgment on it is not suitable. That is not my domain.
“I mean, now I have my judgments,” Pedretti continued. She is, in my opinion, deranged. She is a serial killer, but I also fully understand how she came to be.
Additionally, the Haunting of Hill House actress claimed that she believes Love’s circumstances are what they are because she perceives herself as a victim.
For those who don’t know, Love, who was portrayed by Pedretti, was also a psychopath in the series and lived more willing to kill people than Joe.

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