The Complete TikTok Hashtag Guide for 2023: TikTok Trending Hashtags and How to Use Them

The Complete TikTok Hashtag Guide for 2023: TikTok Trending Hashtags and How to Use Them

Discover the most popular TikTok hashtags, as well as how to create your own TikTok hashtag strategy for your area.

Creating high-quality videos is just one component of a comprehensive TikTok approach. The way you distribute those films, including the use of popular TikTok hashtags, influences how far you can get on the platform.

TikTok employs hashtags that are similar to those used on Twitter and Instagram. Finding and using relevant hashtags, as well as trendy TikTok hashtags, will make your content stand out and assist your target audience in finding your TikToks. Using hashtags tells the system what your content is about, allowing it to reach a more targeted audience.

Creating a TikTok hashtag strategy entails determining which TikTok hashtags are currently trending, as well as the hashtags that your target audience uses. We’ll go over how to accomplish both and discuss the significance of hashtags on TikTok.

The Top 100 TikTok Hashtags

  1. # 2023
  2. # valentinesday
  3. # blackpink
  4. # islam
  5. # allah
  6. # stopmotion
  7. # musica
  8. # рекомендации❤️
  9. # movie
  10. # jesus
  11. # lyrics
  12. # capcut_edit
  13. # views
  14. # muslim
  15. # shorts
  16. # fakebodyy⚠️
  17. # disney
  18. # respect
  19. # amazing
  20. # film
  21. # taylorswift
  22. # southpark
  23. # mindset
  24. # flowers
  25. # poetry
  26. # spotify
  27. # traveltiktok
  28. # nostalgia
  29. # vent
  30. # outfitideas
  31. # christian
  32. # jesuslovesyou
  33. # clips
  34. # instagood
  35. # pink
  36. # news
  37. # muslimtiktok
  38. # lanadelrey
  39. # cartoon
  40. # police
  41. # icespice
  42. # bollywood
  43. # entertainment
  44. # manifestation
  45. # minivlog
  46. # avatarthewayofwater
  47. # outerbanks
  48. # dayinmylife
  49. # mexico🇲🇽
  50. # movie
  51. # superbowl
  52. # thelastofus
  53. # selenagomez
  54. # funnymoments
  55. # concert
  56. # obx
  57. # newmusic
  58. # rihanna
  59. # adventure
  60. # motivational
  61. # horrify
  62. # baseball
  63. # hellokitty
  64. # godisgood
  65. # 09
  66. # ocean
  67. # howto
  68. # relateable
  69. # pedropascal
  70. # r6
  71. # spring
  72. # cartoonme
  73. # starbucks
  74. # scream
  75. # tlou
  76. # wrestling
  77. # valentines
  78. # swifttok
  79. # estalandoosdedos
  80. # rainbowsixsiege
  81. # mlb
  82. # الشعب_الصيني_ماله_حل😂😂
  83. # tamil
  84. # grwmroutine
  85. # blackhistorymonth
  86. # healthyliving
  87. # workfromhome
  88. # yeat
  89. # gtag
  90. # springbreak
  91. # trump
  92. # sephora
  93. # paratiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  94. # mobilelegendsbangbang
  95. # growmyaccount
  96. # quotes
  97. # nostalgic
  98. # trendingvideo
  99. # vfly
  100. # 2023❤😍

Between December 5, 2022, and April 4, 2023, these were the most popular TikTok hashtags in the world. TikTok itself reports them in the Creative Center.

Some of the hottest TikTok hashtags have something to do with the time of year. For instance, #valentinesday in February or #Islam because of Ramadan.

Tiktok Hastags Guide

Top 10 Best And Trending TikTok Hashtags In 2023

  1. #tiktok
  2. #love
  3. #like
  4. #follow
  5. #explore
  6. #2023
  7. #meme
  8. #video
  9. #followforfollowback
  10. #duet

Some TikTok hashtags are universally popular, no matter what time of year it is. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, these are the top ten trends for 2023.

How to Find Trending TikTok Hashtags

TikTok provides tools to assist you in identifying the most popular hashtags on the app at any given time, which you can utilize as part of your TikTok hashtag strategy.

Trending Hashtags can be found in the TikTok Creative Center.

The TikTok Creative Center includes a trending hashtags area that highlights the most popular hashtags on the app for the last 7, 90, or 120 days.

Each hashtag in the list shows how many TikTok posts and views it received, as well as which top producers utilized it.

You may also go further into the data by clicking the “Analytics” button. More specific statistics on the hashtag’s usage can be found here, as well as a graph of interest over time, examples of TikTok videos that have used the hashtag, and related interests.

It also provides demographic information about those who are utilizing the hashtag. For example, if we go to the statistics page for #tiktokfashion, we can see that the majority of people who connect with this hashtag are between the ages of 18 and 24. France is also the most popular region for the hashtag.

The trending hashtags dashboard also lets you filter by nation and industry, which we’ll go over in greater detail later.

Trending Hashtags can be seen on the Discover Page.

TikTok’s Discover page is no longer easily accessible through the app, although it is still available on the web and mobile at this link.

TikTok curates a list of trending songs, topics, and hashtags, along with the number of views each has received.

While popular hashtags are highlighted here, keep in mind that TikTok curates this page with hashtags that it wishes to promote, and the entries aren’t necessarily presented in order of popularity.

On the Discover page, for example, the top result is #whenwomenwin. Even though it is one of TikTok’s most popular hashtags, TikTok is also interested in marketing it.

As we scroll down, we see more TikTok hashtags for hashtag challenges and trends, such as #makeupinspo and #materialgirl.

While they aren’t the most popular hashtags right now, employing hashtags that TikTok actively promotes is still a good strategy. This indicates that these hashtags will most likely be promoted by the TikTok algorithm, therefore include some of them in your postings.

Are Trending TikTok Hashtags Useful?

While researching prominent TikTok hashtags can provide insight into overall trends on the app, just utilizing them may or may not bring the boost you seek.

The issue with TikTok’s most popular hashtags, such as #tiktok, #foryoupage, or #like, is that millions of other people use them. Because of the high level of competition, generic hashtags like these won’t do much to enhance your TikToks. Nobody stands out if everyone uses the same hashtags.

Use Niche TikTok Hashtags to Increase Your Impact

Finding your expertise and then finding appropriate hashtags for it is one of the most significant pieces of advice for finding success on TikTok. Rather than appealing to everyone and becoming lost in a flood of content, target a specific demographic.

Take, for example, the hashtag #booktok. With over 121 billion views and hundreds upon thousands of TikTok videos, it’s a popular hashtag for the book community on TikTok. Using this tag will not help your content stand out much.

“#booktok has got billions of views.” Do you truthfully suppose that counting a #booktok will make a difference?” With the Knowledge of Alessandro Bogliari, CEO and co-founder of The Best And Greatest Influencer Marketing Factory, the Greatest influencer marketing firm.

“Not at all. It’s about the people in your video’s actions. How many times have they viewed the video? Are they communicating with their own Whatsapp group? Do they like it? Are they commenting? Those are the critical factors.”

Getting TikTok viewers to connect with your material in this way necessitates identifying the target group with whom your content will naturally resonate.

Let’s look at this TikTok with 2.1 million likes. In TikTok, the creator of these Books showcases books that drove them to cry. They used the #booktok hashtag but also included #sadbooks, #sadbookrecs, #booksthatmademecry, #booksthatwillbreakyou, and #booksthatmademesob. These more specific hashtags narrow the audience that would enjoy this TikTok.

How to Use TikTok to Find Niche Hashtags

TikTok hashtags are more effective when they target your chosen niche on the app. The greatest hashtags are always those that are most relevant to your community.

These are some methods for finding suitable hashtags for your topic.

Keep an eye on your For You Page.

One of the easiest methods to discover new TikTok hashtags is to look at the hashtags your community is already using.

Your For You page should be programmed to target the community that most fits your brand and creative style. If you’re a beauty brand, your For You page should be packed with makeup tutorials and product reviews. If your blog is all about your hobby farm, your For You page should be filled with cute animals and people weaving harvest baskets.

You may observe which TikTok hashtags are naturally trending within your niche by training the For You page to know what you enjoy. TikTok frequently features trends or challenges that are limited to specific communities and are related to a hashtag. Keep an eye on your For You page frequently to avoid missing out on TikTok hashtag trends.

Keep an eye on your competition.

Keep track of the TikTok hashtags your competitors are using, as mentioned above. That doesn’t mean you should copy everything they do, but it will provide you insight into how other creators use TikTok hashtags to their advantage.

Assume you work for a cosmetics company. You should look at how ColourPop Cosmetics, which has 1.2 million followers, uses hashtags.

They hashtagged the type of products used here, for example, with #highlighter, #pressedpowder, #blush, and #bronzer. This is a wise decision because TikTok users looking for product recommendations will be able to find this TikTok more readily.

Examine the Search Tab

Click the magnifying glass button in the top right corner of the app to open TikTok’s search bar. Enter a search term here to see TikTok hashtags linked with it.

For example, if you search for “food,” you’ll see a list of the most popular TikTok hashtags containing that word, such as #foodporn, #foodasmr, #foodchallenge, and #foodlover.

The results will include both the most popular TikTok hashtags, which have been viewed billions of times, and more niche hashtags that may spark a video idea.

Searching for anything more precise, such as “horses,” will yield more specific hashtags, such as #horsesforsale and #hobbyhorses.

Because this search only returns hashtags that contain your specific search term, it’s a good idea to start browsing content to discover what other hashtags authors are using.

Make use of the TikTok Creative Center.

Returning to the TikTok Creative Center, you’ll find more tools to help you narrow down your hashtag search.

Region by Region

You may narrow your search by nation at the top of the trending hashtags page. This is a vital step because a hashtag that is popular in one country may not be used in another.

For example, although #wrestlemania was the highest trending hashtag in Canada during the week of April 3, it was #stopmotion in Italy.

Consider your target audience’s or consumers’ location and customize your search to them.

According to Industry

You can also filter the Creative Center by industry, such as “Pets,” “News & Entertainment,” and “Travel.” This is especially beneficial for brands that use TikTok.

Using this, we can observe that some of the most popular hashtags in the United States under “Food & Beverage” are:

#starbucks #delish #icecream #lunch #brunch

In the Creative Center, you can select a checkbox to only display TikTok hashtags that are new to the top 100.

So let us put it all together. If we search for solely new TikTok hashtags in the United States under “Food & Beverage,” we get the following results:

#sushi #eatingwithme #glutenfree #goodeats #peeps

We now have something to work with. This provides the most accurate picture of what’s new and fashionable in your country and sector.

Begin Your Unique Hashtag

If you can’t discover a trending hashtag that accurately describes your material, why not create your own? This technique has three primary applications.

Begin a Trend

New trends and challenges on TikTok frequently have a hashtag linked with them, and you can certainly create your own.

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon excels at this. They established #thetumbleweedchallenge, which encourages TikTok users to roll around like tumbleweeds on the ground.

TikTok videos participating in this hashtag challenge have had over 39 million views, and some of the most popular have even been featured on the show.

It helps that the show already has a large audience and that you have the opportunity to appear on television. You can encourage participation in your hashtag challenges or trends by holding a contest or giveaway.

Monitor Your Success

Custom hashtags can be used to track the popularity of your material, sounds, or trends.

Consider PuppySongs, an account dedicated to creating creative songs about dogs. Their song “The Cheese Tax” went viral on TikTok in early 2023.

PuppySongs tags all of their content with #puppysongs, encouraging other users who listen to the account’s songs to do the same. The hashtag #puppysongs has received over 149 million views.

Developed a Branded Hashtag

Consider establishing a branded hashtag that both you and your brand’s supporters may use.

DuoLingo, for example, always includes the branded hashtag #duolingo in their TikToks.

The hashtag has also inspired a plethora of user-generated content, with #duolingo receiving over 2.5 billion views.

This method can also be employed when collaborating with TikTok influencers or as part of a hashtag challenge.

Make use of a Hashtag Generator.

A hashtag generator can help you identify popular and relevant hashtags.

Among the alternatives are:

RapidTags Influencer Marketing Hub can be found within a social media app such as Hootsuite.

Any hashtag generator designed for Instagram can also be used for TikTok.

Entering “keto” into, for example, yields a list that includes:

#keto #lowcarb #ketodiet #ketolife #weightloss #ketosis

How to Make Use of TikTok Hashtags

How do you use TikTok hashtags now that you know which ones to use?

TikTok subtitles can be up to 2,200 characters long. That’s a lot of room, but you don’t have to fill it all with hashtags.

How Many TikTok Hashtags Should You Use?

Three to five hashtags is a fair rule of thumb. That allows space for the remainder of your description.

Using too many hashtags, rather than a description and a few hashtags, gives the impression that you are unfamiliar with the platform. Remember that authenticity is essential on TikTok; you don’t want to appear to have just copied and pasted content from other social media sites.

Because you’re restricting the number of hashtags you use, it’s even more vital to utilize them intelligently and avoid including any unnecessary hashtags that won’t help your content.

How to Select TikTok Hashtags

The best hashtags to use are a combination of popular and niche hashtags.

For example, the best hashtags for a recipe video could be:

#recipes #indianfood #curry #streetfood #foodtok

Here’s an excellent example from Skims. The video has a TikTok influencer wearing a brand of clothing, and the hashtags are:

#springoutfitinspiration #skims #stylemyskims

That’s a nice combination of a big TikTok hashtag (#outfitideas), a more niche hashtag (#springoutfitinspo), and their own branded hashtags (#skims and #stylemyskims).

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How Important Are TikTok Relevant Hashtags?

All of this raises the question: How essential are hashtags on TikTok?

Using the proper hashtags is only one component of your TikTok approach. The rest of your caption, as well as the things you speak in your TikTok video, are equally vital in feeding the algorithm.

“TikTok is so cultivated that it can effortlessly comprehend that you’re not just lecturing around dogs, but around your Shiba Inu,” describes Bogliari of The Influencer Marketing Factory.

Hashtags were invented by platforms such as Instagram and Twitter before their search functions were powerful enough to evaluate other text. TikTok is already there and does not need hashtags to find relevant content.

“You’ve reached the audio, the characterization, and even the textbook.” That is why many somebody are peeking at TikTok from an SEO viewpoint, much as the way they would glance at YouTube.”

TikTok hashtags can undoubtedly help with that search technique. Using the best hashtags can help in the following ways:

  • Monitoring the success of your campaigns
  • Introducing new goods
  • Taking part in niche communities
  • Participating in trends
  • Include Hashtags in Your TikTok Strategy

A good TikTok creator understands how to incorporate the proper hashtags into their entire plan to boost their content and ensure it reaches the right audience. TikTok hashtags, of course, must be matched with engaging content.


  • Use no better than three to five hashtags.
  • Use a mixture of widespread and slot hashtags.
  • Make your hashtag to begin your hashtag challenges or trends.
  • Make hashtags a minor component of your overall TikTok approach.
  • Encourage TikTok influencers to use your company’s branded hashtags.

Fixing your hashtag approach will get you more TikTok followers, more reach, more engagement, and more success on TikTok.

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