With a significant rule change in his fight, Jake Paul offers Nate Diaz an “edge.”

With a significant rule change in his fight, Jake Paul offers Nate Diaz an “edge.”

Despite the fact that the battle between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz is only a few days away, the regulations will alter.

It has been determined that the fight in Texas will be a 10-round contest and will take place on August 5.
The UFC lightweight title challenger and the retired YouTuber-turned-boxer intended court off in Dallas, and Diaz asked for a ten-round fight. Eight rounds were initially planned, but Diaz’s supporters objected to this.

Jake Paul
Paul has now tweeted to clarify that the fight will last 10 rounds, but he added that if it doesn’t end quickly, this will clearly give Diaz the advantage.

“10 shots. Nate will unquestionably have a significant advantage if the battle continues into later rounds. He knows that (which is why he made the request), I know that, and the oddsmakers know that. But I couldn’t care less. I’m all in,” tweeted Paul.
Why does Diaz like 10 rounds?
Since he began to take boxing seriously, it has been observed in prior battles that Paul frequently struggles as the fights progress into the latter rounds, raising the possibility that he has stamina problems.
Despite this, he will allow the fight to go the full 10 rounds because he acknowledges he can conquer Diaz fast. He may be aware that his stamina has much improved, therefore there are undoubtedly psychological tricks at work.
“I’m prepared; it won’t take that long. Paul has stated prior to the battle, “I think he’s going to be sharp for a couple of rounds, but there’s nothing he can do to stop me.

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