Elisabeth Rioux | Bio, Net Worth ,Age And Life Style

Elisabeth Rioux | Bio, Net Worth, Age, And Life Style

(Canadian Influencer, Instagram Star, Model, and Entrepreneur)

Birthday: 20 December 1996 (Sagittarius)

Born In: Canada

Elisabeth Rioux is a model, businesswoman, and social media influencer from Canada. ‘Hoaka Swimwear,’ her first business endeavor, was a line of swimwear that she debuted when she was just 18 years old. Later, she launched a line of pants, which is now sold in the company’s online store in several nations. Elisabeth concurrently produces material for her social media platforms and models for both of her apparel businesses. Elisabeth uploads her photos to her Instagram account as part of her brand’s marketing plan. She also involves her friends and followers in promoting her brands on social media. Elisabeth publishes travel vlogs on her YouTube channel of the same name.



Elisabeth was affiliated with the model agency “Dulcedo” in Montreal. She is no longer connected to it, though. On November 19, 2013, Elisabeth created her YouTube channel. She debuted her YouTube channel with a travel vlog on her first visit to Croatia. 

Elisabeth’s self-titled channel features vlogs, Q&As, trip journals, storytimes, and a few challenge videos. One of her vlogs in which she introduced her current lover has received over a million views, making it the most popular entry on the channel. Up to this point, Elisabeth has acquired almost 231 thousand YouTube subscribers. Elisabeth’s ‘Instagram’ page is crammed with jaw-dropping photos that highlight her toned form and her love of beach gear. She has 1.8 million followers on Instagram as an ‘Instagram’ model.

While attending business school, Elisabeth started her own business. She is the owner of the swimwear brand Hoaka Swimwear. When Elisabeth was a marketing student, she had the notion to start her own clothing business. She decided to make her passion for fashion into a business to put her academic expertise into practice. Elisabeth provides a large selection of beachwear and swimwear through “Hoaka” for ladies of all sizes and shapes.

. The project’s original inspiration was body positivity. Similar to this, Elisabeth drew inspiration for the collection from her own bikini shopping experiences. She saw that there wasn’t a good selection of swimwear that was both fashionable and comfy. The main material used to create “Hoaka” swimsuits is neoprene, a type of wearable rubber. It is pliable and keeps the body’s heat in.

She began designing her swimwear collection in 2015 and debuted it in 2016. The brand was first solely recognized by residents of Quebec. Elisabeth successfully promoted “Hoaka” by starting an “Instagram” page. Initially, Elisabeth would publish photos of her followers sporting “Hoaka” swimwear, which not only helped the brand but also won her a lot of fans. She uses her social media sites to gather customer feedback on the caliber of her offerings. Her father and sister also manage “Hoaka,” with Elisabeth handling the creative parts. ‘Hoaka’ has been a featured item in haul films by fashion “YouTubers” including Sydney Joz and Katelyn Fitch.

Elisabeth also shares ownership of the “BAMBOO UNDERWEAR” underwear brand. In Québec, she co-founded the business with three other young businesspeople, Jules Marcoux, Philippe Ouellet-Thivierge, and Mathieu Landry-Girouard. Elisabeth opened the brand’s pop-up store on December 18, 2018. Through its online store, “Bamboo Pants” is currently offered in more than 40 countries.

Elisabeth collaborated in a picture shoot in Los Angeles with her ex-boyfriend, social media star Jay Alvarrez, to promote the couple’s line of underwear called “Bamboo Underwear.” While the two were traveling to California, they impulsively decided to do the shoot. Jasper Suyk, a renowned photographer who has worked with celebrities like Ne-Yo and brands like “Harley Davidson,” was in charge of the campaign.

Models typically prefer to keep their humiliating tales to themselves, but Elisabeth never hesitates to share them with the world. She has a “Finsta” page where she shares amusing pictures, unfiltered no-makeup appearances, and other images to spread the message of self-love.

Family & Personal Life

On December 20, 1996, Elisabeth was born in Canada. Her sister, Chloe Rioux, is a well-known “Instagrammer.” In a number of her Q&A videos, Elisabeth has mentioned her relationships with “YouTuber” Jay Alvarrez and model Jonathan Germain. Elisabeth is presently dating model Bryan McCormick, who resides in Monaco, and they have collaborated on a few vlogs for her channel. Both a dog and a cat were adopted by the couple.

Elisabeth has two Siberian husky dogs named Cherry and Royce and a new addition to her family named Maylie. She’s a vegan. Elisabeth loves to travel and prefers to spend her vacations on beaches. Her favorite vacation spot, Costa Rica, was where she traveled with Alicia Moffet and Noemie Lacerte. Elisabeth also lists photography as one of her loves. She enjoys getting tattooed, and she has tattoos on her belly and right hand.

Elisabeth has discussed her battle with anxiety disorders and her attempt at suicide in one of her vlogs.

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