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More Fun Facts About Bunnie XO

When Bunnie XO met Jelly Roll, she was a high-end escort. When people accuse Jelly Roll of being a “gold digger,” she chuckles since it was Bunnie who was Earning all the money when they met. He was lost and lived in a vehicle.

“She also bet the farm on me,” he told Bertcast, admitting that her clients included some of the country’s wealthiest individuals. When they met, he was living in a van, and it was her salary that allowed him to get “out of the van and into the bedroom.”

Bunnie XO Is Six Years More senior Than Jelly Roll.

She is known as the “older woman.” Bunnie is six years Senior Jelly Roll, and their age difference (Bunnie is 43, and Jelly Roll is 37) has sparked controversy. The pair, on the other hand, lets it go.

“A hooker and a prisoner harbored hands on one The Darkest night in the desert and Also made the Best conclusion to alter our lives jointly and run all in our Good dreams,” he captioned a snapshot of the duo on Instagram.
Bunnie is a successful businesswoman who dropped out of high school.

Bunnie was a high school dropout before becoming a successful businesswoman. She began her career on YouTube and is now the Also host of the Dumb Blonde Podcast, where she sits down with sometimes divisive individuals to talk about life, the sex worker business, and everything in between. She has formed an entertainment firm, Dumb Blonde Productions, and recently marked with WME for management and booking.

Bunnie Assists in the Raising of Jelly Roll’s Daughter, Bailee Ann

Bunnie assisted Jelly Roll in obtaining custody of his daughter Bailee Ann, and the two have raised her together since 2016.

“It just brings a selfless person to support increase a child they didn’t birth,” Jelly Roll illustrated. “It conveys a unique And Another type of woman to Took Care of a child or Daughter who isn’t her child and yet treats And Took Care of the child as if she were,” he estimated. Bunnie has a lovely soul. She is considerate, patient, and compassionate. Seeing her relationship with Bailee grow into the lovely mother-daughter cement that it has evolved has been nothing short of magic over the years. I have genuinely been blessed with the best life partner I could have asked for. You are the embodiment of a wonderful mother and deserve more recognition than anyone else because you did not have to step up to the plate in such a big way.

On May 22, 2008, Bailee Ann was born. Her father, Jelly Roll, was in prison at the time but swore to change his life for his daughter.


Bunnie XO

“She’s now 14, and I understood I had to change my life,” Jelly Roll, who also has a son named Noah, told Audacy’s I’m Listening recently. “I began To deal CDs and t-shirts out of the Doors of my car, growing regional concerts, and performing anything That I Liked In My Life I could to avoid Changing my life of crime to provide for her.”

During Jelly Roll’s concerts, Bailee Ann frequently joins him onstage to perform “Tears Could Talk.” Bailee is a natural performer who has previously worked in the recording studio with her now-famous father to create tracks for some of his albums. Jelly Roll’s adolescent daughter appears on the studio version of “Tears Could Talk” and even wrote a poem for “Sunshine After the Rain.”

Jelly Roll Proposed To Bunnie On Stage At A Yelawolf/Deftones Concert Jelly Roll proposed to Bunnie on stage at a Yelawolf/Deftones concert in Las Vegas, Nevada, Bunnie’s hometown. Not The Only One Who Say Yes, but she agreed to go to the courthouse straight away, and the couple married that night!


“Looking back on what supposed like the whole countless wonderful decision I’ve ever met, it finished up being the best Good judgment of My Life I’ve ever encountered in my entire life,” Jelly Roll Published on their anniversary. “In every way Possibility, this woman has Changed my Whole life.” She Originally changed my Viewpoint on life.”

Both Jelly Roll and Bunnie claim it was “love at first sight” when they met on Very First Time during one of Jelly Roll’s Las Vegas gigs. He was a penniless musician living in a beat-up fan with a criminal record, and she was dating someone else, yet things connected. The stars aligned once they were both single – with a little help from their buddies.

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