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Ursula Whittaker: Who Is She?

Ursula Whittaker is an actress best known for her roles in Weep, Big Bang Theory, Hoffa, and other films and television shows. She is a wife and the proud mother of a girl.

Oscar Nunez married Ursula. He is a well-known actor and comic from “The Office.”

Ursula has amassed a sizable net worth via years of hard work and persistence.

Let’s learn some more fascinating facts about Ursula Whittaker!

Quick Facts

Full name Ursula Christine Whittaker
Nickname Lula, Ursu, Uchi, Ursi,
Birthday No information
Age No information
Birthplace California, USA
Currently residing California, USA
Nationality American
Parents Lou Pingatore,
Christian Whittaker
Grandparents Glenn Dixon,
Harry Brown
Marital Status Married
Spouse Oscar Nunez
Children August Luce Nuñez
Education University of Southern California
BA in American Literature and minor in Film/TV
Profession Actor
Net Worth USD 1.5 million (approximately)
Social media Facebook
Ethnicity White
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Height 5 ft 9 inches

Early Life

Ursula Whittaker grew up in Los Angeles, California. She hails from a celebrity family.  

Her grandparents and father influenced her profession and passion for performing. Ursula was born with a love of films in her blood.

Ursula is a Latin term that means “little bear.” Furthermore, Saint Ursula was a fabled 4th-century virgin princess who was martyred by the Huns while returning from a pilgrimage.

Ursula was interested in her schooling as well as films. She obtained her education at the University of Southern California CA.

She earned a B. A. in American literature. With a juvenile in Film and Television.

She had a university education as well as theatre experience. She began her career as an actress in a neighborhood theatre.

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Ursula stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs approximately 57 kilograms. Her physical dimensions are around 36-30-35. 


Oscar Nuñez (Husband)

Oscar Nuez was born in Colón, Cuba, on November 18, 1958. His father was a lawyer, while his mother was a dentist.

 Oscar’s family relocated to Boston, Massachusetts, when he was four years old.

He is most recognized for his part in The Office, a classic American sitcom. The Office stars several well-known actors and comedians, including John Krasinski and Steve Carrell.

Oscar Martinez, a gay accountant, is played by Oscar. Nunez gained a household name as a result of the show. 

Ursula’s spouse has also been in several films. Oscar is also recognized for his sense of humor. So Ursula couldn’t help but be smitten by him.

Oscar proposed to Ursula on December 17, 2010, and they married on May 21, 2011.

Nunez had previously married, even though this was Ursula’s first marriage. Before Ursula, he was married to Clara.

The media was very interested in and supportive of his marriage to Clara. It frequently prompted rumors. It used to be in the headlines the majority of the time.

Even after over ten years of marriage, there have been no issues or scandals. So far, it’s been nothing short of a perfect marriage.

August Luce Nunez (Daughter)

Oscar and Ursula welcomed a lovely girl on October 4, 2012. They were overjoyed to be parents.

August Luce Nunez was the name given to the girl.

Christian Whittaker (Father)

Christian Whittaker gave birth to Ursula. He is a prominent formation in the film industry. He has produced several films in Hollywood. His films are both critically acclaimed and commercially successful to some extent.

Christian Whittaker has also written and directed films. Method, Petty Feather, and other films are among his greatest. One of his best films, The Method, was released in 2012 and depicted an actor’s journey while suffering from several personality disorders.

ursula whittaker

Harry Brown (Grandpa)

Similarly, Ursula’s grandfather, Harry Brown, worked in the film industry. He accepted an Academy Award for screenwriting.

Glenn Dixon (Mother’s Father)

Glenn Dixon, her grandfather, was a well-known actor in his day. He appeared in Untamed Youth, Voodoo Island, and numerous other blockbusters.

Glenn Dixon, Ursula Whittaker’s grandfather, served in the Air Force from 1942 until 1945. He appeared in the films Voodoo Island, Untamed Youth, and Space Patrol. He also appeared in TV shows such as Sea Hunt, M Squad, Highway Patrol, The Bill Cosby Show, and others.

On November 24, 1991, the actor passed away. He lived in the Santa Monica, California CA, USA.

Ursula Whittaker’s Professional Career

Despite coming from a family with a strong filmmaking heritage, Ursula had to overcome several obstacles that led to her achievement.

Ursula’s career began at a young age when she began practicing stand-up comedy. In her hometown, she was a stand-up comedian.

In addition, she has written a monologue for The Los Angeles Times.

Whittaker is no exception to the Los Angeles Times’ reputation for recruiting the best.


She has also appeared in several films. Hoffa, her first film, was released in 1992.

Ursula has been in several films, both little and major, after Hoffa. Her filmography includes everything from small films to full-length feature films.

She has received critical acclaim for her efforts in films such as Rockstar and Quigley. She has also directed short films. Ursula Whittaker’s best short films include The Heir Apparent, Boob Jobs, and Jesus.

Unconventional is another short film she has directed.

She has always cherished her work and her ability to continue acting. She has appeared in films such as Beethoven’s Big Break and Special Unit, both of which were released in 2006.

Inside is another film she directed in 2006. Inside is a film about a young boy named Alex who has a propensity for stalking and following strangers.

She appeared in films such as Today’s Temp, A Numbers Game, and Bold Native. It’s a film on animal rights.

Theater Work

She was a performer at Theatre Neo. It is one of several theatre companies in Los Angeles.

She has written and directed plays as well as performed in them. Her first film as a director was Boob Jobs & Jesus. It began as a one-act play and evolved into a short film.

She has appeared in several other plays that have captivated audiences.

Her mesmerizing performance in Alan Ball’s critically praised play Your Mother’s Butt was an all-time favorite of her followers.

She has also demonstrated her talent in plays such as ‘Big Mistake,’ written by Theresa Rebeck.

‘Coming Attraction’ is another must-see play. Ted Tally wrote one of his best plays here.

Dorothy Lyman is a well-known actress who has received an Emmy.

Her brief appearance on Grey’s Anatomy is well-known to the viewers. It is a popular series that lasted several seasons.

Ursula Whitaker appeared in Tainted Obligation’s sixth season.

Television Programmes

In 2003, she made her television debut in Malcolm in the Middle.

She went on to appear in series such as Judging Amy in 2004. This show is about Amy, a teenage girl who becomes a judge in court.

In 2005, she also appeared on Medical Investigation and Veronica Mars.
In 2006, Ursula appeared on various television shows such as ER. Her work in Prime Suspect (2011) and The Forgotten (2011), on the other hand, was praised.

In 2009, Ursula worked on the award-winning television series Grey’s Anatomy. In the sixth season of Grey’s Anatomy, she played an irate attending.

The episode’s title was ‘Tainted Obligation.’

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Year Title Role
1992 Hoffa Las Vegas Dancer (uncredited)
2000 Might As Well Be (short) Susan
2000 Malcolm in the middle Dream Woman
2001 Unconventional (short) Katie McNack
2001 Rock Star Roxy Dancer
2003 Quigley Angel #1
2004 Sleepover Attractive Woman
2004 Judging Amy Reporter
2005 The Heir Apparent Abby
2005 Medical Investigation Mindy Manning
2005 Veronica Mars Single Mother Waitress
2006 Inside Dr. Aired
2006 Special Unit IA Cop #1
2006 ER Gloria
2008 Boob Jobs & Jesus Producer, Director, Writer, and Carlin
2008 Beethoven’s Big Break Security Commander
2008 Grey’s Anatomy Angry Attending #1
2010 A Numbers Game Annette
2010 Todays’s Temp Annette
2010 Bold Native Nicole
2010 The Forgotten Marcia
2011 Prime Suspect Woman
2016 Veep Elisa Burke

Mrs. Ursula Whittaker’s monetary value

Ursula’s net worth has grown significantly as a result of her shows, films, and plays.

Her net worth is counted to be more than USD 1.5 million. In Los Angeles, she enjoys a wealthy lifestyle. She drives beautiful cars and adores all of her possessions.

Oscar Nunez, her spouse, is worth $3 million. He has more film credits and higher-paying roles than Ursula.

His family fled Cuba when he was only 12 years old. His father was a dentist, thus they didn’t come from a wealthy family.

Oscar is a car enthusiast. He’s frequently spotted driving one of those around. He is the proud owner of a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air. It’s a good automobile for automotive enthusiasts.
Oscar is fond of cars. He’s often seen moving around in one of them. He owns a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air. It’s a pretty Best car for car lovers.

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Social Media

Ursula has no social media accounts.

Her husband, Oscar, on the other hand, is active on social media. On Instagram, he goes by the handle @oscarnunezla.

He can also be found on Twitter as @OscarNunezLA.


What Age Is Ursula Whittaker?

Ursula has not given her precise age because she has not disclosed her birth date. She appears to be in her 50s, based on her appearance.

Is Ursula Whittaker a Mother?

Ursula is the mother of a lovely daughter named August Luce Nunez.

Is Ursula Whittaker a smoker?

Ursula Whittaker Does not smoke.

Ursula Whittaker has how many pets?

Ursula and Oscar Nunez live with ten purebred pugs and Italian greyhounds as pets.

Is Ursula Whittaker on Facebook?

Ursula is a well-known actress who avoids social media and prefers to keep her personal life private.

How much money does Ursula Whittaker have?

Ursula has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

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