Barbi Benton | Bio, Age, Lifestyle And Net Worth

Barbi Benton | Bio, Age, Lifestyle And Net Worth

Barbi Benton Gorgeous In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Barbi Benton converted her lucrative modeling career into a passably lucrative career as an actress, singer, and comedian. Benton, one of the most well-known PB bunnies and Hugh Hefner’s sweetheart and soul mate, has subsequently shunned the attention and publicity she attracted in the 1970s and 1980s in favor of taking on the roles of wife and mother.

Benton Served As A Cover Model

Barbi Benton, a model with uncommon longevity, graced the covers of four editions of Hugh Hefner’s magazine over the course of three decades. The July 1969 problem of PB kept her on the cover for the foremost duration. She followed that up in the 1970s with two covers, one in May 1972 and the other in March 1970. Her last cover appeared in the December 1985 edition. She routinely made appearances in photo essays between times in the magazine’s pages.

Barbi Was Almost Illegal She started working at PB when

The voluptuous model, Barbara Lynn Klein, was hired at a renowned magazine when she was just 18 years old to appear in the “After Dark” presentation. Barbara Lynn Klein was born in 1950. She was employed as a show extra, but when she met Hugh Hefner, everything changed. When Benton was a teenager, the PB founder, who was in his early forties at the time, fell in love with her. Hey, at least she was legal; Priscilla Beaulieu was 14 when Elvis Presley fell in love with her. Hefner promoted Benton to co-host of the PB’s “After Dark” program. As a point of truth, Hefner was the one who recommended she change her character from Barbi Klein to Barbi Benton because he thought the alliteration earned her additional attractive to potential customers.

In the 1970s, Benton Made a Lot of TV Appearances

In several of the hottest TV shows of the 1970s and early 1980s, Barbi Benton made exceptional guest appearances. She appeared as the lead in the short-lived comedy series Sugar Time!, frequently as a guest actress on The Love Boat and Fantasy Island, and appeared on a number of late-night television programs and variety shows in the 1970s, including The Tonight Show, Midnight Special, The Bobby Vinton Show, and The Sonny & Cher Show.

Benton was Hugh Hefner’s soul mate and lover.

Hefner seemed to sincerely care about the little PB bunny despite their nearly 25-year age gap. Benton allegedly coyly responded, “Gee, I don’t know,” when Hefner first asked him out on a date. Hefner, then 42, replied, “Neither have I. I’ve never dated anyone over 24.” Benton and Hefner cohabited from 1969 to 1976, spending a long time together. Benton was a mainstay of the PB Empire and a fixture at the Mansion during that time.

On Hee Haw, Benton Displayed Her Funny Side

Barbi Benton had a recurring role on the short-lived television comedy and country music variety show Hee Haw beginning in 1969. The program gave Benton the chance to display her comedic and acting talents. She became a well-liked cast member thanks to her comedy and her attractive appearance. Benton also made an appearance in the German comedy The Naughty Cheerleader during the run of Hee Haw. The 1982 slasher movie Hospital Massacre and the 1983 fantasy adventure Deathstalker were her other two big-screen productions.

Centerfold via Singer

In the middle of the 1970s, Barbi Benton began her somewhat successful career as a recording artist. Her song “Brass Buckles” had its highest position on Billboard’s country chart at number five in 1975. She had two one-hit wonders in two different nations with two different singles thanks to her 1976 song “Ain’t That Just the Way,” which is possibly her most well-known song. Lutricia McNeal recorded it in 1996, and it became a big hit for her. Benton issued eight albums in total. On the albums, she sang, played the piano, and composed every song. She not only performed one of them but also produced it herself, demonstrating to the public that she was more talented than just posing naked for pictures.

For Motherhood, Benton Hung Up Her Bunny Ears

Barbi Benton wed George Gradow, a Californian real estate magnate, in the final months of the 1970s. The still-married couple welcomed their son Alexander in 1986, then a daughter named Ariana in 1988. Benton took a semi-retired status from the entertainment industry in order to prioritize parenting her children and spending time with her spouse. The pair now alternates between their primary residence in Los Angeles and their second residence in Aspen.

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