Alex Wassabi | Bio, Age, Lifestyle And Net Worth

Alex Wassabi | Bio, Age, Lifestyle And Net Worth

Alex Wassabi Productions, a comedy-focused channel owned by YouTube star Alex Wassabi (also known as Alex or Alexander Burriss), also runs a vlogging channel by the same name.

Early Years

The U.S. city of Great Falls is the birthplace of Alex Burriss. Alex’s family relocated to Kentucky when he turned 1 and spent the preferably six years of his energy there. Alex, then three, thought he was a cute kid. Later, when he was in the fifth grade, he relocated once more to North Carolina, USA. Alex was the class clown when he was younger because he enjoyed making others laugh. His passion for basketball led him to play in local leagues for six years before entering high school.

Education and Employment

Alex was diagnosed with ADHD in middle school, which made it challenging for him to concentrate in class without getting sidetracked. He often only pays attention to subjects that pique his interest, though. He relocated to Los Angeles, California after college in order to pursue his career as a Youtuber.


Family members include parents and siblings.

The six components of Alex’s big home are his mom, dad, older brother Aaron, more youthful brother Andrew, sister Mariah, and he.

Individual Life

Currently, Alex is dating Lauren Riihimaki, whom he initially met in New York City while they were best friends. Also a YouTuber, she goes by the name LaurDIY.

Taking part in Wassabi Productions

In middle school, Alex first encountered Roi Fabito, the creator of Wassabi Productions. Before YouTube even existed at the time, Roi was already producing videos. When Roi asked Alex if he wanted to film a video with him, it was two years after Alex joined Wassabi Productions and he was a senior in high school.

Joint Roles


Richard is the male version of the character, but Rolanda despises him.

The final Wassabi youth

Wassabi Productions, of which Alex was a member, had been producing videos for ten years. As they became busier as they grew older, the majority of the Wassabi Boys—Drew, Rob, Marvin, and Matt—had left Wassabi Productions by 2010. Roi and Alex were the only remaining members, and they continued to create videos like the “Call Me Maybe” Parody that became quite popular. After some time, Alex and Roi relocated to Los Angeles, California because there are advantages for YouTubers there. Before deciding to move into separate apartments, they shared an apartment for a year. Roi made the decision to depart Wassabi Productions in January 2016 in order to focus on his other interests, particularly on his brand-new gaming channel.
As a result, Alex Wassabi is now the sole owner of Wassabi Productions and is in charge of providing weekly entertainment for the 4.5 million customers.

Toad Squad

Alex established his first solo vlogging channel in an effort to keep a close relationship with his audience. He now spent a significant amount of time vlogging. The #CUCKOOSQUAD travels everywhere with him.

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