angis cloud | Bio, Age, Life Style And Net Worth

Angis Cloud | Bio, Age, Life Style, Net Worth, And Many More

Angis Cloud – The Euphoria actor’s’verbal abuse, emotional distress, & severe drug addiction,’ according to Angus Cloud’s former talent manager, are what ultimately led to his resignation.

Former talent agent for Euphoria actor Angus Cloud has spoken up about his alleged drug abuse. He claimed that the actor verbally abused him and that, after the talent manager gave him CPR, Cloud even threw up in his face. In a lengthy Twitter post, Diomi Cordero described his purported working connection with the 24-year-old actor. Continue reading to learn more about his assertions.

How Angus Cloud’s former manager became the actor’s talent manager is disclosed by him.

Angis Cloud

Diomi stated at the outset of his Twitter post that he had resigned from his position as Angus Cloud’s talent manager in February of last year. On February 21, 2022, he announced his resignation as Angus Cloud’s talent manager, he wrote. Angus’ verbal abuse, emotional turmoil, and severe drug addiction made it hard for me to maintain our working relationship, which is why I decided to resign.

Diomi disclosed that he first met Cloud while working as a mental health technician and aspiring to become a freelance talent manager. They apparently became quite close, and in April 2021, they started doing business together.

Diomi revealed that by bringing in a brand new staff, he intervened and assisted Angus in taking back control of both his personal and professional lives. “I hired new acting and fashion agents, a publicist, helped form a business account, made sure his SAG-AFTRA account was set up properly, assisted him in getting health insurance, and made sure his Euphoria payments were received properly. We hired a bookkeeper, made arrangements for his taxes to be paid, and set up automated bill payment. Angus was able to reclaim control of his personal and professional lives thanks to this intervention, the speaker stated.

In spite of being surrounded by companions who obstructed his recovery by continuing to irresponsibly use drugs around Angus, Cordero reports that Cloud was doing well. Finally, according to Diomi, this caused Angus to relapse. He added that just two days after getting out of rehab, he visited the actor for a July 4 cookout and could tell right away that the actor had started using drugs again. By November 2021, according to Cordero, Cloud “evidently relinquished control of his addiction.”

Angus allegedly entered a rehab facility when the final two weeks of Euphoria season 2 were being filmed, according to Cordero. The star allegedly declined to remain and checked himself out.

Diomi Cordero claims, “Angus Cloud puked on me.”

Diomi adds that Angus’ roommates called him the night before he was scheduled to fly to Oklahoma, saying that Angus was having trouble breathing. Diomi stated, “Angus displayed cyanosis in his lips and fingernails, prompting me to leave the room and administer Narcan intranasally,” as he hurried to assist the actor. But as his breathing got worse, I had to perform CPR and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, which I could do since I had received training at the rehab centre. Fortunately, these actions succeeded in bringing Angus back to life. Angus regrettably threw up on my face as soon as he came to.

According to Cordero, Angus’ treatment of him had become into “extremely abusive,” and he had even humiliated him in front of his buddy and coworkers.

The last straw, according to Cloud’s former manager, was when the actor’s manager informed him that Angus opted to attend a fashion event in Europe with his pals rather than him. This information drove Cordero to resign as Cloud’s talent management.

He tweeted, “I have been pursuing the collection of my unpaid management commissions from Angus, totaling over $60,000.00, for over a year as a result of my resignation. I have yet to receive any of the monies owed to me, despite numerous attempts to handle this issue amicably, alleged Cordero.

To date, Angus Cloud has not responded to Diomi Cordero’s assertions.


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