Addison Rae: 26 interesting facts about the TikTok star

Addison Rae: 26 interesting facts about the TikTok star

Addison Rae – Everything you need to know about the TikTok star, from her renowned TikTok parents to her Instagram…

1. All you need to know about TikTok sensation Addison Rae…

As TikTok grows in popularity, its stars become more well-known on the internet. Addison Rae, 21, is one of TikTok’s numerous famous users. Addison, a Hype House member, posts dance videos with her friends Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, and Avani. Here’s all you need to know about the burgeoning social media sensation, from her parents and brothers (who are also on TikTok) to her Instagram. [Images: PA]

2. What is Addison Rae’s age?

Addison Rae’s age is 22. Her birthday is the 6th of October. [Alice + Olivia/Anna Webber/Getty Images]

3. What is Addison Rae’s height?

Addison is 5ft 6 inches tall, according to several internet sites. You finally understand! [FilmMagic/Morgan Lieberman]

4. Addison Rae’s family is also well-known on TikTok…

TikTok is used by Addison’s entire family. Her mother, Sheri, and father, Monty, each have accounts, and her two younger brothers share one. [TikTok] [@addisonre]

What are Addison Rae’s parents’ names?

Sheri Easterling and Monty Lopez are Addison’s mother and father. They both appear in her TikTok videos on occasion and have their own accounts. Sheri (@sherinicolee) has 12 million followers on Instagram. Her father, Monty (@MontyJLopez), has nearly 4 million followers. Monty and Sheri recently divorced after it was revealed that Monty had an affair. Sheri has recently been associated with Yung Gravy. [TikTok] [@addisonre]

What are Addison Rae’s brothers’ names?

Lucas and Enzo are Addison’s younger brothers. They have a TikTok account under the moniker @thelopezboys. Enzo has his own Twitter account (@enzoeli). [Through TikTok]

7. How did Addison Rae become famous on TikTok?

@addisonre is Addison’s TikTok username. With 66.4 million followers (as of October 2020), she is currently one of the app’s most followed users. Addison found a TikTok account while babysitting a bunch of center schoolers. She made a video as a joke, and it became viral. The rest, as they say, is history… [Image courtesy of Bill Baptist/NBAE via Getty Images]


8. What is the full name of Addison Rae?

Addison’s last name isn’t Rae. Her full name is Addison Rae Easterling, although she prefers the nickname, Addison Rae. [Instagram: @addisoneasterling]

  1. What is Addison Rae’s net worth? How much does she earn on TikTok?

Addison’s net value was calculated to be about $2 million in 2020. In a statement from Forbes, Addison obtained an evaluated $5 million over the ex year, “appreciations to her 54.1 million supporters, her new makeups cord (Object Beauty), and markets with American Eagle and Spotify.” According to different authorities online, Addison is calculated to earn about $15,000 in funded posts on her carrier. [@addisoneasterling account via Instagram]

What is Addison Rae’s Instagram handle?

Yes! Addison is also on Instagram, where she can be found at @addisoneasterling. Throwback images, shots from the Hype House’s glam holidays, and selfies can all be seen there. [Instagram: @addisoneasterling]

10. How much money does Addison Rae have? How considerably money accomplishes does she drive on TikTok?

In 2020, Addison’s net worth is expected to be about $2 million. According to Forbes, Addison earned $5 million in the previous year “thanks to her 54.1 million followers, her new makeup line (Item Beauty), and deals with American Eagle and Spotify.” According to different web reports, Addison earns approximately $15,000 per supported post on her messenger. [Instagram: @addisoneasterling]

Before Bryce Hall, who was Addison Rae’s ex-boyfriend?

After mentioning him in a new YouTube video with Bryce Hall, fans have been wondering who Addison Rae’s ex-boyfriend is. Addison earlier commented that she was in a 5-year connection. Although there are images of him on the internet, her ex-boyfriend’s name remains unknown. She also mentioned him on her program, Mama Knows Best. He’s not a well-known TikTok star. [Image courtesy of Instagram]

Addison Rae had been linked to Jack Harlow.

Addison Rae has been linked to rapper Jack Harlow thanks to photographs of the two hanging out during Jake Paul’s boxing bout, and many people have assumed that the two are dating. In May 2021, Addison was also watch to modeling the duplicate hoodie as Jack. Following the rumors, and following subtweets from Bryce Hall, Addison addressed her relationship status on Twitter. [Images from Instagram and PA Images]

Is Addison Rae a component of the Hype House?

Addison Rae is a member of The Hype House, a popular TikTok creator house. While Addison does not live in the house, she frequently visits and collaborates with the other members of the group. [Instagram: @addisoneasterling]

Who sings the ‘mean bitch’ song by Addison Rae?

Following her triumph, Addison commissioned The Kid LAROI to write a song about her. The lyrics of the song ‘Addison Rae’ are as follows: “I need a bad bitch (Okay), uh (Ooh-ooh) / Addison Rae, Lil shawty the worst (Yeah), yeah.” Addison reacted to the song in a video with her mother on her TikTok account. Addison has recently consented to appear in the song’s music video. [Instagram: @addisoneasterling]

What is the location of Addison Rae’s podcast?

Addison and her mother Sheri Nicole started Mama Knows Best, a Spotify-only show. The podcast provides “an intimate and authentic look” into their relationship, and they discuss relationship advice, family, and friends. [Through TikTok]

What brought Addison Rae and Kourtney Kardashian together?

Addison and Kourtney met through Mason, Kourtney’s son. Mason is a major fan of Addison and has collaborated on a few TikTok dance videos with her. Kourtney then joined in, and the rest, as they say, is history. Addison is frequently spotted on social media hanging around at Kourtney’s house. [Image courtesy of Instagram]

In August 2020, Addison will debut her own cosmetics line called ITEM Beauty. On August 11, the vegan and cruelty-free firm debuted its first six makeup products, which included mascara, jelly eyeshadow, brightening powder, bronzer, lip oil, and brow definer. The goods will be available for purchase at [via Instagram]

Addison Rae starred in the remake of She’s All That.

Padgett Sawyer was played by Addison Rae in He’s All That, a gender-flipped adaptation of She’s All That. “I’m so grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to me,” Addison wrote on Instagram, “and none of it would have ever happened without every single one of you.” [Image courtesy of Instagram]

Is there a tattoo on Addison Rae?

Fans are guessing whether Addison Rae has a tattoo on her torso as a result of a new TikTok video. Addison has yet to respond to the rumors, but based on her latest swimsuit photos on Instagram, it doesn’t appear to be true. It’s possible that it’s just her shirt’s tag, but who knows… Keep an eye out for Addison’s response! [via

What is the name of Addison Rae’s first TikTok?

Addison Rae’s debut TikTok video was posted in July 2019. It depicts Addison and a friend lip-syncing to Kelsea Ballerini’s Love Me Like You Mean It. The video had been seen 18 million times as of November 2020. [@addisonre]

Is Addison Rae married?

Addison Rae sparkled a fan uproar in January 2020 when she published a photo of a giant diamond ring on her ring finger. While some fans thought it was an indication she was engaged to ex-boyfriend Bryce Hall, it does not appear to be the case. Addison was spotted with a buddy inside a jewelry store and shared a photo from inside. She was most likely trying on the ring1.

Addison Rae’s debut single ‘Obsessed’ was released in March 2021.

Addison Rae has released her debut track ‘Obsessed’ accompanied by a music video. Addison’s connections and experiences as a TikTok star are referenced in the catchy pop song. “One could interpret it as being vainly obsessed with yourself,” she told Vogue, “but that’s not what I’m trying to communicate.” It’s vital that I can love myself as much as you love me. On some days, I suffer […] But the message was so powerful that I wanted to convey it [in the lyrics].” [Image courtesy of YouTube]

Tanner Buchanan was kissed by Addison Rae during the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

When she and He’s All That co-star Tanner Buchanan kissed on stage at the MTV Movie & TV Awards in May 2021, Addison Rae caused a social media frenzy. She and Tanner accepted the award for Best Kiss and, in true MTV Best Kiss fashion, locked lips on stage, shocking the audience and watchers at home. The couple is not dating, but the kiss did generate some buzz for their next film! [Getty]

Is Addison Rae in a relationship with Omer Fedi?

Addison Rae has fuelled stories that she is dating musician Omer Fedi behind the two transferred a video of two shadows kissing (assumably them) on their Instagram tales. After they were sighted at Machine Gun Kelly’s pop-up concert, rumors about their romance began to circulate. They’ve since published images of themselves together on social media. [Image courtesy of Instagram]

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