Victoria Osteen | Real Name, Bio, Age, Net Worth And Life Style

Victoria Osteen | Real Name, Bio, Age, Net Worth, And Life Style

Victoria Osteen has always had an infectious passion and drive for life. When Victoria was a University of Houston student, she worked in her family’s jewelry company. Victoria is a native of Houston. In the same jewelry shop where she first met Joel, they subsequently got married. Joel’s father routinely took Joel and Victoria on mission trips to India and other nations, where they assisted those in need in some of the least developed parts of the globe. Her compassion and love for ministry grew as she diligently performed her duties in various roles during these years.
Victoria is an essential component of every service at Lakewood Church and the Night of Hope worship gatherings that take place both domestically and internationally.
“We often limit ourselves based on the options we see in front of us. God wants us to understand how He operates. And His ways are always superior to ours.


As a wife and mother of two, Victoria serves as an inspiration and role model for women who balance obligations inside and outside the home. She is committed to providing families, women, and children with the resources they need to connect and develop while establishing a firm foundation of faith in Jesus Christ. She founded the Lakewood Church Women’s Ministry, which empowers women at every stage of life—at home, in relationships, and at work—as a result of her commitment and passion.

“Don’t dwell on the past. Don’t allow missed opportunities to depress and discourage you. God is greater than the possibilities you missed. He is still capable of guiding you to your goals in life.


Victoria Osteen Net Worth And Family

New York Times bestselling author Victoria. She wrote three books: “Love Your Life,” “Exceptional You!” and “Fearless & Free”; the latter two were published by Hatchette. Her rather text, “Love Your Energy,” lived removed by Simon & Schuster. She also writes for children, publishing the inspirational Christian children’s books “My Happy Heart” box set, “Unexpected Treasures,” and “Gifts from the Heart,” which are a resource for parents who desire to impart the goodness of God to their children.
Victoria hosts a weekly live call-in radio show on Joel Osteen Radio, SiriusXM Channel 128. Numerous people from all walksstrollsife around the world are drawn to her practical, down-to-earth counsel and warm demeanor.
God is ready to grant the ambitions and aspirations He has placed in your heart, so be ready. He enjoys giving possibilities a second chance that once appeared lost forever. He occasionally brings back those opportunities in ways we hadn’t thought about or weren’t seeking for. God will bless you beyond your wildest expectations if you keep open, even though things may not always turn out the way we expected.

Victoria Osteen Life Style

“People are the thing dearest to God’s heart. God will make sure that we receive His best if we learn to give our best to others who need our time and attention.

Victoria Osteen

Jonathan and Alexandra, the two children of Joel and Victoria, are also involved in the ministry at Lakewood Church. Victoria offers daily motivation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

“I believe you will be empowered to live life to the fullest and take advantage of the abundant life He has promised you as long as you keep your mind and soul concentrated in the correct order, coming per daytime with loyalty and appreciation.”

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