SCARRA  | Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Career Details and Net Worth

SCARRA | Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Career Details and Net Worth

Name: William Jimmy Li
Age: 33
Birthday: 25th November
Ethnicity: US
Old neighborhood: Houston, TX
Nationality: Chinese
Streams: Teamfight Strategies, Valorant, Assortment
Group: Joined Ability Office
Previous Groups: Group Dignitas (player and mentor); Delta Fox; Counter Rationale Gaming (CLG); Unshakable and


Perusing fan-fiction, manga and online books.

NAME Starting points

While he was in center school, he normally utilized the name ‘scarred4lyfe.’ When he was more seasoned, he needed to adjust it to a name that was short and simple to recall. He thusly stayed with ‘scarr’ and added the ‘a’ toward the end.

GAMING Beginnings

Scarra has been gaming since he was a youngster.


Proficient GAMING

Scarra began playing Haha after its true delivery and immediately climbed the positions in performance line. He before long got companion demands from many top-level players, including Grasshopper, who knew him from WoW where he was additionally one of the top PvP players. He, ranbonewegg, samtheham, Naryt, VoyBoy and Araragi framed a group to contend in the 2010 Newegg Winter Winfest competition. They crushed CLG in the primary match, in spite of the fact that they lost by and large.
It was then that Scarra understood that he might actually contend on a serious level and sought after Haha seriously starting there. He started spilling as an afterthought in 2012, yet it was exclusively in 2014 that he decided to zero in on it as is essential, in spite of the fact that he really does in any case ocassionally take part in true competitions with imaqtpie.
He and his director, Chris Chan, in 2017. They were spurred to make the house, as they felt that it would be great to reside with different decorations in a space where they could make their own substance, as well as gathering IRL content. They consequently took a stab at enrolling a couple of decorations, beginning with them Based_Yoona and Pokimane. Different individuals were enrolled en route, with both Yoona and Chan leaving inside the initial not many months. His folks came round to his streaming vocation decision when they understood the amount he was procuring from it.


He is assessed to have north of 3,600 endorsers, which would produce him a base pay of $12,600 USD each month. This is before he gets extra pay from gifts, layered memberships, income, Jerk cheer bit commitments, sponsorships and promotions.


Monday – Friday: 20:00 – 05:00 UTC
Saturday and Sunday: Inconsistent
first NA LCS Summer End of the season games – Show match – 2018
first IPL Elites – North America – 2012
first SoloMid NA Invitational 5 – 2012
first Revile Invitational – Finals – 2012
first IGN Ace Association Season 3 – 2011


I don’t figure everybody ought to be a decoration. To stream, don’t stream. Particularly in the event that you’re a supportive of player, zeroing in on your favorable to play is a higher priority than whatever else, which is the reason you don’t see a ton of supportive of players stream.
One of the troubles of being an expert decoration is that it’s not difficult to become involved with the numbers and liken the quantity of watchers with one’s worth as a real individual.

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