Drake honors his mother, Adonis, Sandi Graham’s 5-Year-Old Son, and Is Featured in a Sweet Post on Her Birthday.

Drake honors his mother, Adonis, Sandi Graham’s 5-Year-Old Son, and Is Featured in a Sweet Post on Her Birthday.

Over the weekend, Drake, his child, and his father Dennis Graham celebrated the birthday of their mother. Drake’s mother came from nothing (as a newborn), and now she is here (as a grandmother)!

The 36-year-old hip-hop legend and his 5-year-old son Adonis recently celebrated Sandi Graham’s birthday together, and it was filled with priceless family moments.

Drizzy thanked his mommy for presenting him in a moving Instagram headquarters, where he also posted several images from the event.

Drake opened the tweet with “75 Years.” “Thank you, Mama, for seeing me through those nine months…the entire sorrow and pain. Give you all of my affection. No one but you is aware of the pressure you are under.

Adonis, who Drake has with French artist Sophie Brussaux, can be seen in the pictures wearing a grey suit like his father and blowing out candles next to Grandma.

Sandi Graham

In one image, he can be seen waving peace signs with Drake (actual name Aubrey Graham), while in another, he is seen doing the same with Sandi and Dennis Graham, the rapper’s father.
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There were more endearing family interactions. Drake shared a couple of additional videos from the occasion on his Instagram Story on Saturday. In one of them, he jokingly referred to Sandi as his “twin” while grinning. He may also be seen giving a speech during the party while clutching Adonis tightly in other pictures.

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Drake and his mother have a special rapport and have frequently opened up about it since his days acting on Degrassi in her Canadian basement. One day before the release of his Certified Lover Boy album in 2021, Sandi expressed her love for her lover boy in a card he posted on social media. She also expressed her pride in him.
The countdown has now reached one, and with each new album, my heart skips a beat. Being your mother has been the greatest pleasure of my life, Graham wrote. “We’ve crossed a long, difficult trip jointly, and Currently This Daytime is the last day. Son, I want to celebrate you more than you can imagine.

She inscribed the card, “Love you more now and forever.”
Even Drake acknowledged his mother last weekend during the second of his two Apollo Theatre performances in New York City, referring to her as his biggest supporter.

The modest performance was a tribute to his hip-hop career, and one of the set designs was a recreation of his childhood bedroom in Sandi’s basement. He played “Over My Dead Body” from his 2011 album Take Care during that set up and put on a cardigan for nostalgia’s sake.
“The ability to still create music, as well as your continued concern. The fact that we can still somehow relate to each other after all these years, starting with [Degrassi’s] Jimmy Brooks, Drake noted near the close of the program.

He said, “I’ll be there for you.” “I’ll be there for you in your most difficult and joyful moments.”

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