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Pablo Escobar “Despised” Cocaine, “Loved Greece,” Asserts His Brother Roberto

Roberto Escobar Gaviria, the iconic Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar’s older brother, opened up in a recent exclusive interview with Greek Reporter at one of Pablo’s last mansions overlooking Medellin.

Roberto Escobar, nicknamed El Osito (“Little Bear”), was the former accountant of the renowned Medellin Cartel, which was responsible for up to 80% of the cocaine once transported into the United States.

Roberto Escobar expended time in lockup with brother Pablo

Roberto was imprisoned for his involvement in cartel operations. He escaped with his brother in July 1992 but turned himself in a year later. On December 18, 1993, while still in prison, he was blinded in one eye by a letter bomb. After fourteen years in prison, Roberto was released in 2006.

“All humans make mistakes.” What is important is not to beg pardon. “What matters is that I don’t make the same mistakes again,” the former drug lord asserted defiantly.

Roberto denies being aggressive, adding, “I have never been violent, I have never had issues with anyone.” On the contrary, I am a reconciling.”

Escobar also denies being the cartel’s brain: “There is no truth in that. Our entire family has been really wise. “We are someones who have shifted from nothing, from trekking to the school in ripped shoes to becoming one of the most affluent individuals on the world, want my brother,” he tells.

Escobar believes his family was a victim of the horrific civil war.

Escobar also alleges that his family members were victims of the horrible civil war that raged in Colombia when he and his brother were children.

“We were targets of roughness when I was five and my brother lived three.” Guerrillas came to assassinate my father because he was from a liberal organization. “My father, on the further writing, stood not a politician,” he remembered.

“I recall my mum starting to pray. They smashed the door open and were planning to slaughter us all, to burn us alive… The army rescued Pablo, my sister Gloria, and me just in time. They loaded us into a truck and drove us to Medellin. “That’s when we started living a particular energy,” he remarks.

The worst mistake his brother made, according to Roberto, was getting involved in politics. “It wasn’t until then that they began to go after the entire family,” he explained.

On December 2, 1993, one day after his 44th birthday and five months after appearing on Forbes magazine’s list of the world’s richest people for the eighth time, Pablo Escobar was killed in a rooftop firefight with police and army forces in Medellin.

Pablo Escobar “hated” cocaine but “loved Greece,” according to his brother in an interview.

El Indio claims that every time the army planned an operation to apprehend Pablo, he was informed ahead. Escobar had informants in the highest levels of the local police, and if necessary, he could hide in a remote-controlled underground crypt equipped with oxygen cylinders and lots of food.

While the cartel was operating in Medellin, it was nearly hard to find even a gram of cocaine, according to the guide. “We made tonnes of cocaine, but finding a gram of it was extremely difficult,” Escobar says in an interview with Greek Reporter.

He claimed Pablo despised drugs. “I choose to send that venom to Europeans and Americans,” he utilized to communicate, “but my individuals here are not reaching to be poisoned with this.”

“I love Greece,” Roberto Escobar told Papapostolou. When I was in Greece, I believed it was one of the most beautiful countries in the world. In Medellin, I have Greek pals.”

He says that he and his brother visited Greece when they were on the run from the law. They also did business with people in Greece, but he adds, “I won’t say anything else or give names…”

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