Who is Pamela Horton? Ian Hecox’s Wife:

Who is Pamela Horton? Ian Hecox’s Wife:

Who is Ian Hecox’s wife, Pamela Horton? – This article will tell you everything you need to know about Ian Hecox’s wife.

But who exactly is Ian Hecox? Ian Hecox co-founded Smosh’s internet comedy venture, and he, together with boyhood friend Anthony Padilla, writes, directs, and stars in the comic sketches that they have been producing since 2005.

Many individuals have been wondering about Ian Hecox’s wife and conducting various internet searches on her.

This article discusses Ian Hecox’s wife and everything you need to know about her.



Memoir of Ian Hecox

Ian Andrew Hecox was born in Fair Oaks, California, on November 30, 1987. Although there is little knowledge about his youth and family, his mother Sharon Hecox, and his mysterious father appeared in his films on occasion.

Hecox has a sister, Melissa, and a brother, Adrian. In sixth grade, he met his close buddy Anthony Padilla at Del Campo High School in California. They both attended American River College in Sacramento after graduating from high school.

Padilla founded smosh.com in 2002, and Hecox eventually joined him there. They launched the ‘Smosh’ YouTube channel only five months after YouTube’s start in 2005.

The channel began with amusing videos of themselves and quickly gained popularity, collecting multiple prizes for having the biggest number of subscribers. Although the substance of ‘Smosh’ evolved throughout time, the show’s goal was always to make its audience laugh and have a good time.

Padilla departed ‘Smosh’ in June 2017 to pursue a personal project, and Hecox took over the channel. ‘Smosh’ has over 25 million members and over 200,000 views per video as of 2022. Hecox presently works with a bunch of YouTubers to provide high-quality material for his followers.

Wife of Ian Hecox: Who exactly is Pamela Horton?

Ian Hecox, is he married? No, he was dating Pamela Horton, a well-known lady in her own right. She was born in Whittier on May 4, 1988. They started dating after Pamela slid into Anthony’s DM. They are still having a nice time after their divorce.


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