NICK FUENTES | Biography, Ages, Life Style And Net Worth

NICK FUENTES | Biography, Ages, Life Style And Net Worth

NICK FUENTES is a white jingoistic live-streamer who maintains for the Republican Party to drive even better to the far-right back of the political scope. Fuentes, an avowed supporter of fascists such as Mussolini, rose to prominence on the national scene during the now-infamous “Stop the Steal” effort, which used misinformation to falsely assert that Donald Trump had won the 2020 election and aimed to capsize the results. Some Republican legislators have worked with his America First Foundation, which holds an annual America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC) alongside the more mainstream Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), which it hopes to replace.


Fuentes has stated that his goal with his weekly “America First” broadcast and his America First Foundation is to transform the Republican Party into a “truly reactionary party.” Fuentes has reported in live streams and public appearances that his goal is to perform within the political strategy to become “the right-wing side of the Republican Party.” He thinks America’s “white demographic core” to be important to the country’s uniqueness.

Some Republican leaders and conservative intellectuals have publicly backed Fuentes. Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Arizona, former Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, and Arizona state Sen. Wendy Rogers have all attended his events. Michelle Malkin, an anti-immigrant activist, fits on the committee of Fuentes’ 501(c)4 America First Foundation. She has positioned herself as a mentor to Fuentes since 2019, and some of his admirers refer to her as “mommy.”

Fuentes and his followers are known as “groypers,” a far-right meme based on a caricature of a huge toad. Patrick Casey, a former ally of Fuentes’, accused the livestreamer of developing a “cult-like atmosphere” among his fans. In response, Fuentes commented in a February 2021 livestream that he “doesn’t believe cults are necessarily a bad thing,” and that “cults are truly the only area where there’s… devotion.”

Fuentes is a male supremacist who has claimed that women are too emotional to make political decisions and that rape is “so not a big deal.” Fuentes considers himself a “proud incel” – a sexist “forced celibate” movement that condemns women for their sexual and romantic failures. He has pushed his followers to abstain from sex, warning that connections with women will only serve to divert their attention away from the white nationalist cause. Fuentes aims to recruit young men into the far-right movement by exploiting their fears about sex, dating, and masculinity.

On January 29, 2022, a House committee investigating the January 6, 2021 storming of the United States (US) Capitol tower subpoenaed Fuentes and Casey for their appointment in the anti-democracy “Prevent the Steal” movement. During the insurgency, both were outside the Capitol.



“I’m not ‘making overtures’ to sexist men. I am a sexist man.”
– Telegram, December 22, 2022
That’s something he literally says on these shows. That one got away.”
– During a January 2022 broadcast of “America First,”
“We have to be on the right flank of yore, removing these someones booting and contacting into the lot.” Into a truly regressive political group. It is gradual. We’re not dragging them all the way over. But if we can draw the farthest part of the right further to the right, and the centre further to the right, and the left further to the right… we’ll win.”
– In May 2021, during a broadcast of “America First,”
“Call us racists, white supremacists, Nazis, and bigots. You can disassociate yourself from us on social media while working at Campus Reform. But you will not be able to take our position. The rootless transnational elite anticipates a tidal wave of white identity. And they understand that once word gets out, they will be powerless to stop us. “The fire is raging!”
– In a Facebook post on August 12, 2017, following the deadly 2017 “Unite the Right” protest.

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Fuentes, who is from Illinois, began livestreaming during his freshman year at Boston University. In February 2017, he began anchoring the political talk show “America First” on the Trump-aligned Right Side Broadcasting Network, which he studied politics and international relations. Fuentes’ show ran on the network nightly and contained far-right political commentary, with an emphasis on immigration and multiculturalism. Despite an on-air rant in which Fuentes encouraged people to “kill the globalists” during an April 19, 2017 livestream, as reported by Media Matters at the time, Right Side Broadcasting continued to host him until August 12, 2017, when he attended the deadly “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Outside of the neo-Nazi Anglin, few U.S. extremists have showed the level of online flexibility that Fuentes has displayed since becoming a presence in white nationalist circles. Fuentes, like Anglin, has been forced into this position by tech companies removing him from major platforms in response to his expressing vile beliefs. YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter, and even the pro-Trump website GETTR have suspended Fuentes’ access to their platforms, leaving him to rely on independently created streaming services and fringe, say-anything platforms like Telegram and Gab.

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