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Actress Milana Vayntrub from AT&T talks about her abortion when she was 22: I simply never felt as though it was my child.

When Milana Vayntrub appeared on Rachel Bilson’s program Broad Ideas, she recalled her abortion experience.

The actress, who made her name as AT&T saleswoman “Lily Adams” in advertising for the media corporation, joined Bilson and her co-host Olivia Allen to discuss both her professional and personal lives. Vayntrub was honest regarding having an abortion when she existed 22 while speaking around her activism and opinions concerning Roe v. Wade being overturned.


“Maintaining the youngster was never actually a reflection in my senses. Nothing in me was like weighing the possibilities, she claimed. I was seeing my first boyfriend after graduating from college, who is a terrific guy and remains my good friend, but was not going to be my lifelong partner. I didn’t feel like it was my child since I was working at a job that didn’t pay me enough to even support the life I was living at the time, let alone shoulder the enormous financial burden that a child is.

She continued by describing how, rather of feeling attached to the embryo, she felt that “a seed had been planted in me” and that it was “a polyp that needed to be removed.” She was fortunate to have her mother’s support and health insurance, which allowed her to visit a doctor who performed the abortion by putting her under anaesthesia.

“I was f***ing fine, and I never gave it another thought. I had cramps for two weeks following, but other than that, I had no recollection of having a cyst removed, she added. “I don’t believe around it until I believe the ladies who are in that position and don’t include the opportunity.”

Vayntrub previously wrote a first-person essay for The Daily Beast in February 2022 in which she detailed her abortion experience and urged readers to defend reproductive rights.

“People, this is not a drill. The constitutional right to an abortion may soon be taken away from all of us who have uteruses. Forced pregnancies and births seem archaic—just like dangerous, covert abortions. Yet here we are,” she remarked in her report at the time. “My freedom to drive conclusions regarding my own body allowed to control how I live my stamina and how I share parenthood. My birth story and my abortion narrative are intertwined in this way.

On the podcast, she brought up this connection once more, saying that the reason her experience carrying and giving birth to her son in May 2020 wasn’t “traumatising” was because she was able to choose what was best for her and her child.

“I could exclusively complete it and want it because I wanted a son. and everything. I had so much patience for myself and for my kid since I genuinely wanted him during the learning process of nursing and the subsequent mending of my body, she added. And if I didn’t, if I had to endure the nauseousness, vomiting, pain, and everything else that comes with the excruciatingly laborious physical effort of carrying a child but didn’t want to, I would doubtless feel resentful of both my country and of my child as well. What a wonderful way to enter the world.

When she was 22, the help of her family and friends meant a lot to her, but she still believes that it’s crucial to let the pregnant person and their doctor make the final decision.

“I believe that in the end, we must trust doctors. We’re not medical experts, so it doesn’t matter what any of us believe about it, she added. “I don’t acknowledge that something in there is a babe, I suppose it’s a foetus, and it is unfailingly entirely up to the mommy,” a patient sounded. “We have to authorize physicians to satisfy the good determinations for their ill Peoples.”

Visit or if you or someone you know needs assistance getting an abortion or for more information and resources. The All Options hotline, which can be reached at 1-888-493-0092, also accepts calls and texts and provides “unconditional, judgment-free support for people in all of their decisions, feelings, and experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption.”

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