Is Matthias Schoenaerts Married? Who is His Girlfriend?

Is Matthias Schoenaerts Married? Who is His Girlfriend?

Matthias Schoenaerts has to be on the list of underappreciated performers in Hollywood. The Belgian actor displayed his exceptional acting abilities in films that were nominated for Oscars and Golden Globes.

Matthias Schoenaerts is regarded as one of Hollywood’s gentlemen despite receiving little credit for his excellent performance, and this reputation is supported by the accolades of those who have worked with him.

He is one of the industry’s heartthrobs thanks to his attractive appearance and fantastic physique!

Who Is Matthias Schoenaerts’ Wife?

The Belgian beauty is still without one! Matthias Schoenaerts doesn’t yet have a plan in place for when he will settle down, so it seems like he is enjoying his days of playing about!

His most recent girlfriend, Pia Miller, is thought to have taken a romantic vacation to Greece in 2019.

The rumors began to spread after it was discovered that the two actors were writing flirtatious comments on each other’s Instagram pictures.

As more and more fans began to have concerns, Matthias once responded to one of Pia’s comments by referring to her as “agape mou,” which is Greek for “my love.”

In addition to the remarks, neither Matthias nor Pia responded to the rumors, and they didn’t even post any photos to make their Instagram relationship official.

We believe it’s reasonable to infer that Matthias and Pia’s relationship was a quick fling as a post-breakup rebound because they remarkably resemble each other’s, former lovers!

Is Alexandra Schouteden Matthias Schoenaerts Girlfriend?

Prior to becoming well-known because of Rust and Bone, Matthias Schoenaerts was in a deeply committed relationship with Alexandra Schouteden, an attorney from Antwerp.

The Evening Standard claims that Matthias and Alexandra first connected in 2010. He declared their position as a couple in the open, saying they were “in a wonderful relationship” and “extremely happy.”

Despite the fact that their vocations were different, Alexandra always helped Matthias whenever she could. Together, the ex-couple went to numerous occasions and red carpets, including the Rust and Bone BFI premiere in 2012.

It was unclear when Matthias and Alexandra chose to break up or the cause of their split when their relationship ended.

Matthias, though, appears to be perfectly pleased with his life, career, and occasional casual romances.

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