Who Is Lionel Richie’s Wife? Lisa Parigi’s Biography

Who Is Lionel Richie’s Wife? Lisa Parigi’s Biography

Lionel Richie’s Wife and Lisa Parigi have been married for almost ten years. Lionel Richie and Lisa Parigi’s long-standing relationship is one of the most endearing.

After mutual acquaintances introduced him to his now-girlfriend, who is 40 years his junior, at a dinner party, the two have been together ever since.

Richie previously married his high school sweetheart Brenda Harvey-Richie from 1975 until 1993, with whom he adopted daughter Nicole, and Diane Alexander from 1995 to 2004, with whom he has children Sofia and Miles.

Richie expressed with PEOPLE in April 2019 about his association with Parigi and the things he’s understood about love over the years. “I’m a man who’s been through the ups and downs, the ins and outs of love,” he explained, adding that he remains a “hopeless romantic.” “She’s extremely beautiful,” he said of Parigi, “but numerous significantly, she’s intelligent and allows me to negotiate with my crazy world.”


The two have attended numerous events together over the years, including numerous music awards ceremonies and the 2023 Breakthrough Prize presentation. Parigi shared images from the prominent science and mathematics event on Instagram in April 2023, depicting her and Richie holding hands on the red carpet.

So, who is Lionel Richie dating?

Here’s all you need to know about Lisa Parigi.

She was raised in Switzerland.

So, who is Lionel Richie dating? Here’s all you need to know about Lisa Parigi.

She was raised in Switzerland.

Parigi was born in Switzerland and reared there. During an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia, she discussed her childhood, saying that the weather in her home country wasn’t her favourite and that she loves sunny Los Angeles, where she now lives with Richie. “We have four seasons, and most of the time it just rains or snows, which is a little depressing,” Parigi remarked.

She is even of Caribbean, Swiss, and Chinese heritage and is conversant in four speeches.

She is a business owner.

Parigi is the founder and CEO of The Estate Collection, a lifestyle company, and Glow Up Beauty, a skincare line. According to its Instagram profile, her lifestyle brand sells candles and scent oils that are “influenced by travel + lust for life,” while her skincare brand offers vegan, sulfate-, paraben-, and cruelty-free products.

Parigi’s candle line is good and inspired by the best luxurious place, such as Beverly Hills, the Swiss Alps, or St. Tropez.

She used to work in technology.

Parigi performed in corporate IT before beginning her own business. She previously performed at a several of companies in Geneva and Zurich, according to Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

She and Richie met through mutual friends.

Parigi informed Harper’s Bazaar Arabia the stunning anecdote of how she and Richie completed for the foremost time.

She was always in Switzerland at the time and was asked to a spread party while calling Los Angeles. Richie happened to be there for dinner, and the two were introduced by mutual acquaintances. When asked about their first meeting, Parigi stated that it felt organic and genuine right away. “We maintained excellent conversations, we talked all darkness around everything,” Parigi commented. “It’s been beautiful so far.”

“Stuck On You” is her favourite Richie song.

Parigi is her boyfriend’s biggest fan, and when questioned what her famous Richie theme is, she said “Stuck On You.”

The entrepreneur told Harper’s Bazaar Arabia about her memories of the song, saying, “Although I go to literally almost every show, each time, it feels like I’m hearing it for the foremost time, so it fascinates me, and it handles select.”

She and Richie have a dog.

Richie and Parigi are the happy parents of Sylvester, a dog. The dog has his own Instagram account, as well as frequent appearances on Parigi’s account. Sylvester is a key component of the couple’s stamina, with the pet’s Instagram bio saying him to be “the director of the house.”

She is present at all of Richie’s important events.

Parigi is by Richie’s side at all times, large and little. “At this time in my life when you can be so dulled around things,” Richie pointed PEOPLE in 2019, “[my girlfriend] Lisa sort of drives everything handle a bit secure.”

Parigi accompanied Richie and his children to Washington, D.C., in 2017 to collect his Kennedy Centre Honour. After a occasional years, the team completed Pope Francis in the Vatican in December 2019. Parigi documented the meeting on Instagram. In part, she captioned the image, “So grateful I could share this magical moment with my love @lionelrichie.”

She is friendly with Richie’s children.

As indicated by her Instagram, Parigi has become close to Richie’s children, particularly his daughter Sofia. On Sofia’s birthday in August 2022, Parigi published a selfie of herself, Richie, and Sofia with the statement, “@sofiarichie You illuminate every room you join, and your laugh is infectious. We will always remember you. Birthday Queen, I adore you.”

A few months afterward, Parigi listened to Sofia’s bridal hail for her marriage to Elliot Grainge. “To a lifetime of love, showering the bride-to-be with happiness and blessings @sofiarichie,” Parigi posted with photographs from the shower. Sofia married Grainge on April 22, 2023, in the south of France.

Parigi has also published pictures of herself with the entire Richie family, including Nicole and Miles.

She and Richie attended King Charles and Queen Camilla’s coronation concert.

Parigi and Richie observed a green party at Buckingham Palace before Queen Camilla and King Charles’s coronation on May 6, 2023. Parigi looked gorgeous in a blue floral gown with a white tiara as she met the King and Queen.

Parigi also went to the Coronation Concert, where Richie played, and grabbed a selfie with him, Sofia, and Grainge.

She and Richie like traveling together.

Richie’s 74th birthday will be celebrated in Amsterdam in June 2023. They slept at the Waldorf Astoria and took a boat ride along the city’s famous canals.

“Celebrating my love 365 days a year because you bring so much love and light into all of our lives… “You are pure bliss, Amsterdam!” Parigi shared images from her trip on Instagram.

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