Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband’s backstory: José Trinidad Marín

Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband’s backstory: José Trinidad Marín

José Trinidad Marín Biography

José Trinidad Marín was held on February 15, 1964, in the (US) United States. His astrological sign is Aquarius. Trinidad Marin’s given name is Trino Marine. In contrast, Trino is a more well-known name. He is also of mixed ethnicity and comes from a Christian family. José Trinidad Marín was born on February 15, 1964, in Mexico, and rose to prominence after marrying Jenni Rivera, an American singer-songwriter. There is little information about Jose because the pair kept their married lives quiet during the early phases of their relationship.

José Trinidad Marín Profile Summary

  • Real name: Jose Trinidad Marin
  • Nickname: Trino
  • Date of Birth: 15 February 1964 (57 years aged)
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Zodiac sign: Aquarius
  • Height: 5 feet 10 inches
  • Weight: 67 Approx
  • Wife: Jenni Rivera (m. 1984–1992)
  • Children: Michael Marin, Chiquis Rivera, Jacqie Campos
  • Occupation: Retired restaurant manager

José Trinidad Marín is also of Mexican descent and possesses a dual American-Mexican passport. His parents largely raised him in Mexico before moving to the United States. It is uncertain when he moved to the United States. Given that he met his wife while still in high school, we can presume he moved when he was young.

Professional Career of Jose Trinidad Marin

Jose Marin’s Personal Life

The couple exchanged vows in the year 1984. Jose was just 20 years old when he married Jenni, who was only 15 at the time. Jenni was already expecting her first child when they married. When you marry the person you adore, you have the assumption that everything will work out. Jenni, too, thought that her marriage would succeed. Her marriage, unfortunately, was riddled with troubles and constant abuse. Her spouse not singly blitzed her physically, but he actually Adult molested her two daughters and sisters.

Jose and his ex-wife Jenni are the parents of three children.

Jenni was still in high school when the former lovers had their first child. She gave birth to her oldest child, a daughter called Chiquis Rivera, on June 26th, 1985. Jenni was able to graduate high school and provide for her child even though she became a mother when still in her teens. Jenni and Marin welcomed their second child, Jacqueline, on November 20th, 1989, just a few years after their first. 

A few years later, on September 11, 1991, they became parents to a newborn boy named Michael. All three of them are successful in their respective industries. Chiquis, the eldest, took after her mother and became a singer. Meanwhile, the other two went on to work as actors in films and television series in both English and Mexican.

Jose Trinidad Marin and Jenni Rivera have separated. Jenni finally decided to call it quits in 1992, after years and years of mental anguish. She filed for divorce in the early 1990s, and it was finalized in 1992. Rivera’s three children were given to her. Jenni first stated that she filed for divorce from Jose due to his physical and psychological abuse of her. She didn’t learn about her ex-sexual husband’s abuse scandal until 1997, some years after the divorce.

Trino’s Molestation of His Daughter And Sister-in-Law Jenni Rivera’s previous husband had mistreated Jenni’s daughters Janney and Jacqueline Marn. Following that, the individual continues to serve his prison sentence. Jenni Rivera, the band’s Diva, had a long and prosperous musical career, but her personal life was a different story. I was always dealing with various personal troubles and several partners, the large lady. 

However, one of the most defining moments in her life came when she discovered that her 43-year-old husband, Trino Marn, had assaulted his children, Chiquis and Jacqie, as well as her sister-in-law, Rosie Rivera when they were both little girls. According to the outlet, the delinquent singer Jenni Rivera located in 1992 that her spouse, José Trinidad Marn, politely understood as Trino Marn, had failed his daughters. After learning of this terrible news, the Diva of the Band was placed in the hands of the Justice. Unlikely for the Riveras, Trino Marin ordered to escape and has been a offender for the previous 9 years.

When authorities apprehended Trino Marn in 2006, Jenni Rivera steeled herself and revealed everything on television; after the big lady told what happened, a devotee tracked down the fugitive. In addition to the help of a retired FBI agent who helped Jenni and her family catch it.

The Nightmare Persisted

Even though Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband, Trino Marn, had already been caught, it was time to proceed with the legal process, which had been a terrible ordeal for the entire family. Given this, the Diva de la Banda stated that it had been a trying time for her, but she was determined not to give up since she wanted to be an example to all women in similar situations. According to the papers obtained by the site, the musician argued the following during the legal process:

“Yes, we kept to mend something that we had already created, but I believe it is required for full recovery; my assignment is to maintain others who have arrived via the identical something.”

During this period, a magistrate dismissed the defendant when he published a $1 million cement, starting Trino Marn to mimic Lupillo Rivera in bench and his son Michael to be beaten up on his daddy’s behalf.

The Trino Marn Trial

After several months of hearings, José Trinidad Marn was found guilty of six to eight major crimes, including lascivious activities with a minor, maltreatment, and aggravated sexual assault against a minor, in 2007. He received a 31-year prison sentence.

On two occasions, he requested that his sentence be reduced and that he be released on bond for good behavior, but his lawyers declined, and Trino Marn remains in prison. Rosie Rivera, a victim of her brother-in-law Trino Marn, revealed the first time she was molested by him in a Univision interview:

“He stepped in as Chiquis and I stood recreating Barbies. He invited him to come out, and he invited me to play, saying, “Let’s play love games,” and bringing a quilt. He started kissing my neck and touching me where no one had touched me before.” Chiquis Rivera, for example, said that his father sexually abused Image between the ages of 8 and 12.

“We lived on our course around from the coast, and when I moved to the restroom to scrub and receive the sand out of my coat, he reached in and sat me naked between his legs.” It happened for the first time there.” According to another story, Marin once molested his restaurant staff and was sacked as a result of his actions. The only thing that is known at this moment is that Trino Marin is still in prison, and it has been widely rumored that his sentence has been reduced by half in an endeavor to bring him out in the forthcoming months, but this statement has not been confirmed.

Jamie Marin, who was abused between the ages of eight and twelve, stated, “I just want to tell my father that I love him and that I forgive him.” “He may not accept it, but I value him.”

Despite several attempts to speak directly to him, Marin did not make eye contact with his daughter or other family members during his sentencing in Long Beach Superior Court. When asked whether he had anything to say, he shook his head and responded, “No.”

Marin, who perpetrated the killings in Long Beach, was charged in 1997 but escaped until this year. On May 9, a jury found three charges of indecent behavior towards a child, three cases of oral copulation of a minor, one offense of aggravated sexual assault, and one case of continuous sexual abuse guilty.

10 Jose Trinidad Facts

Jose Trinidad is also known as Trino Marin.

Jose Trinidad, the ex-husband of late singer Jenni Rivera, is 56 years old and was born in 1964. He is known to celebrate his birthday on February 15th.

In terms of his wife, Jose Trinidad was previously married to singer Jenni Rivera. They met in high school for the first time and married in 1984. They did, however, divorce in 1992.

When it comes to Trinidad’s family, little is known about his parents. He does, however, have a sibling whose name has yet to be announced.

When it Getting to his youngsters, Jose Trinidad has three with his ex-wife Jenni. He is the father of two daughters and a son. Chiquis Rivera is his eldest daughter, and Jacqie Campos is his younger. Michael Marin is the moniker of his child.

Jose is currently incarcerated after being convicted of rape and sexual assault.

Jose’s marriage to Jenni was annulled by her due to emotional abuse on his part.

Trinidad is accused of sexually abusing Jenni’s sister Rosie, as well as his daughters Chiquis Rivera and Jacque Campos.

In 2007, Trino was sentenced to 31 years in prison with no chance of release.

In the year 2017, Jose met his younger daughter Jacquie. Jacquie also shared photos of herself with her father and requested folks to forgive him and give him a second opportunity in life.

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