Jennie Kim Bio, Age, Career, Height, Net Worth, And More

Jennie Kim Bio, Age, Career, Height, Net Worth, And More

Jennie Kim, a model, rapper, and singer, was born on January 16, 1996. One of the four Blackpink K-pop performers in the YG industry, she is South Korean. To improve her education, Jennie, as many of her fans refer to her, attended ACG Panel College. After returning, she was hired by YG Entertainment as a trainee and then joined the group “Blackpink” along with Ji-Soo, Ji-Rose, and Lisa. 

Jennie Kim’s Networth

Jennie Kim one of the Blackpink K-pop stars is worth approximately USD 10 million.

Where is Jennie Kim from?

She’s from one of the affluent neighborhoods populated by high-ranked-income citizens. Cheongdam- Dong in Gangnam District in Seoul, South Korea. 

Jennie Kim’s height and Weight

The K-pop star is 163cm (5’4’) tall and has an estimated weight of 50kg(110 lbs).

Jennie Kim’s Education

She was reared in New Zealand, where she attended ACG Parnell College to further her schooling and Cheongdam Middle School in Seoul, South Korea, for her middle school education. Jennie speaks English pretty well because she was raised there.

Jennie Kim’s Career

While in New Zealand, Jennie was interested in singing but she preferred dancing. When she wasn’t daydreaming about ballet, her parents were in the teaching business, which was completely unrelated to what her hero desired. 

She was discovered after returning to South Korea and attending a YG Entertainment audition. There, Jennie’s extraordinary talent fell flat, and in April 2012, she was hired as a trainee. Jennie was introduced to the public as the newest member of the industry after singing in cover songs and lead videos. 

The August 8, 2016, single “Square One” included Jennie and three other members of the girl group “Blackpink” (Rose, Lisa, and Ji-soo). ”solo,” her debut album as a solo performer, was released on November 12. 

Jennie Kim’s Relationships- Past and Present

In 2019, Jennie Kim dated SM Entertainment’s Kai, however, their relationship ended soon after owing to scheduling issues.

In 2021, G-Dragon from the K-pop group Big Bang was allegedly dating her. BTS members Jennie and Kim were spotted together on Jeju Island on May 25, 2022. Fans of both parties are making assumptions about the two possibly being a couple, however, this has not yet been proven.

Jennie Kim’s family and siblings

The parents of Jennie only had one child. Although the media is not aware of their names, she spoke about their jobs in an interview: the mother is a director and shareholder of CJ&M, while the father oversees a hospital.

Why is Jennie Kim famous?

She is famous not just for her talents but also for her fierce fashion sense, confidence, and charming personality. 

Jennie Kim’s children:

The K-pop singer has no kids known to the media.

Jennie Kim’s social media

@Jennierubyjane with 73.5m followers and 952 posts on Instagram.


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