Hande Erçel | Wiki, Boyfriend, Age, Family,& More

Hande Erçel | Wiki, Boyfriend, Age, Family, Biography & More

Hande Erçel is a popular Turkish actress and model who has gained widespread recognition for her acting skills and stunning looks. She was born on November 24, 1993, in Bandirma, Turkey, which makes her 28 years old as of 2021. Hande Ercel was raised in a middle-class family and has a younger sister named Gamze Ercel.

She attended Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University in Istanbul, where she studied theatre. She started her career as a model at the age of 23, and soon after, she landed her first acting role in the Turkish TV series “Çalıkuşu” in 2013. However, it was her performance in the TV series “Güneşin Kızları” (The daughters of Sun) in 2015 that brought her widespread fame and recognition.

In “Güneşin Kızları,” She played the role of Selin Yılmaz, a wealthy and stylish high school student. The series was a huge success in Turkey and other parts of the world, and it helped launch her acting career. She received critical acclaim for her performance in the series and won the award for Best Model Actress at the 42nd Golden Butterfly Awards.

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After the success of “Güneşin Kızları,” Hande Ercel went on to star in several other TV series, including “Aşk Laftan Anlamaz” (Love Doesn’t Understand Words), “Siyah İnci” (Black Pearl), and “Sen Çal Kapımı” (You Knock on My Door). In “Aşk Laftan Anlamaz,” she played the role of Hayat Uzun, a young and ambitious girl who falls in love with a wealthy businessman named Murat Sarsılmaz. The series was a huge commercial success and helped solidify Hande Ercel’s position as one of the leading actresses in Turkey.

Hande’s success in the entertainment industry has also earned her several endorsement deals and brand partnerships. In 2020, she became the ambassador for the global fashion brand “Mavi Jeans,” and she has also endorsed several other brands such as L’Oreal Paris, Turkcell, and Pantene.


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She is known for her philanthropic work and has been involved in several charitable projects. In 2019, she supported a project to build a school in eastern Turkey, and she has also been actively involved in raising awareness about environmental issues.

Apart from her acting career, Hande Ercel is also known for her stunning looks and fashion sense. She has been featured on several best-dressed lists and has become a fashion icon for many young women in Turkey and around the world. Hande Ercel is also active on social media and has over 21 million followers on Instagram as of September 2021.

Affairs of Hande Ercel

She dated Turkish actor Burk Serdar Sanal in 2015 and was in a relationship with Turkish actor Ekin Mert Daymaz from 2015 until 2017. Her present relationship status has not yet been officially verified.

It is also worth mentioning that Hande Ercel has expressed her desire to work with actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling in the future, which indicates her interest in expanding her career beyond Turkey and reaching a global audience.

Favourite items of hande ercel

There is limited information available on Hande Ercel’s favorite items, as she has not disclosed much about her personal preferences in public. However, based on her social media posts and interviews, here are a few things that Hande Ercel appears to enjoy:

  1. Traveling: Hande Ercel loves to travel and explore new places. She has visited several countries and often shares photos and updates from her trips on her social media accounts.
  2. Fashion: Hande Ercel is known for her sense of style and often shares her outfits and fashion choices on her social media pages. She has also worked as a model and brand ambassador for several fashion brands.
  3. Music: Hande Ercel has a passion for music and enjoys listening to different genres of music. She has also shared videos of herself singing on her social media accounts.
  4. Food: Hande Ercel is a food lover and enjoys trying out new cuisines. She often shares pictures and videos of her meals on her social media accounts.
  5. Animals: Hande Ercel is an animal lover and has a pet dog named “Athena” whom she frequently features on her social media posts. She has also supported several animal welfare organizations in the past.

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Favourite Things of Hande Ercel

Hande Ercel is a Turkish actress and model. Here are some of her favorite things based on what is publicly known:

Favorite food: Sushi

Favorite color: White and Black

Favorite book: “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho

Favorite movie: “The Pursuit of Happyness” starring Will Smith

Favorite TV show: “Friends”

Favorite music: Pop and Electronic Dance Music

Favorite sport: Volleyball

Favorite hobby: Traveling and Photography

Favorite place: New York City

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