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Who Is Gigi Santo Pietro? Detail Information About Vanna White’s Daughter

Guess who is Gigi Santo Pietro, a celebrity child. She is also one of those kids who became famous and famous without accomplishing anything since they were star children.

Gigi Santo is the daughter of Pietro, Vanna White, an American TV host, and George Santo Pietro, a well-known Italian-American restaurateur. Giovanna Santo Pietro is her given name. Gigi, now 25, became famous almost shortly after birth, thanks to her famous parents.

Gigi is a fully-fledged adult who has chosen a job path. Sure, but what exactly? Even though she is the child of a famous actor, many mysteries about her life remain unsolved. As a result, here are all the details about Gigi Santo Pietro;


Regarding Gigi’s schooling, it’s worth noting that she Got The Degree from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. More information regarding her education has yet to be made available. 

Her brother, Nikko, went to and graduated from Oregon State University. Furthermore, she disclosed in Closer Weekly that Vanna’s little son had attended the University of Arizona at one point in his life.

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Profession & Tattoo Artist

Gigi has had a keen interest in the creative arts since she was a toddler. She is pursuing her education in the same way as following her interests while also striving to establish a career in the arts.

According to her Instagram account, she operates as an apprentice at Transition Tattoo Studio in Huntington Beach, California.

Gigi’s interests expand further, tattooing to contain photography and drawing; despite her excitement for these mediums, she has to deliver meaningful work in any of them.

Gigi Santo Pietro Mother, Vanna White

Gigi’s mother is Vanna Marie Rosich. She began her professional modeling career in 1978 when she competed in many beauty pageants for the title of Miss Georgia.

She was asked to co-host the “Wheel of Fortune” game program in October 1982 when the former hostess, Susan Stafford, left the show. It came after her intermittent appearances as a contestant on “The Price Is Right.”

Vanna’s heart was broken when dancer and actor John Gibson died in an accident in 1985. Vanna was already engaged to him when they started dating in the 1980s.

Ultimately, she married George Santo Pietro in 1989, and the pair had two children: Nicholas and Giovanna.

Gigi Santo Pietro has never had a tight relationship with her mother.

Gigi Santo Pietro

Gigi Santo Pietro Father, George Santo Pietro

Mr. George Santo Pietro, Gigi’s father, showed a strong interest in the business from a young age and began working when he was still a teenager.

He finally made a good living as a restaurateur, real estate developer and manager, and property manager. Between 1997 and 2003, he worked as a dolly grip in various film productions. He is a businessman as well as a filmmaker.

Vanna and George divorced in 2002 after spending more than a decade together as a married pair. He later married Melissa Mascari, and she fell pregnant with their child.

Melissa had her first kid, and George had his third. George’s relationship with his older children is now steady and friendly. He does not live with Gigi or her mother.

Gigi Santo Pietro Sibling, Nikko Santo Pietro

Nikko Santo Pietro is the oldest of two children, Gigi Santa Pietro. On the other hand, Nikko is 27 years old, having been born on June 10, 1994. She and Nikko have a close bond, and Nikko is like a second father to her.

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Gigi Santo Pietro Having The Habit of Traveling and Art.

Gigi spends most of her time alone when she is not with a limited group of friends or on vacation. She wants to go to the movies and read novels in her spare time, in addition to photography.

She travels with Vanna for business and pleasure when she is not on her excursions.

Most of the things Gigi surrounds herself with promote her enthusiasm for painting. Her favorite pastimes are writing and photography, which has presented her with rewarding experiences. 

She put her image and photography skills to the test after graduating from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and was rewarded for her efforts. She has accepted the Scholastic Art and Writing Award’s Gold and Silver Key Awards for her deeds.

Gigi Santo Pietro Social Media

Gigi is not a spotlight fan but enjoys talking about her achievements on numerous social media platforms. She recently started utilizing Instagram, the venue where she displays her work.

Her tattooing work covers the majority of her Instagram content. She enjoys showing off her tattoo design and other creative endeavors that she wants.

Final Decision

We have provided you with all of the information on Gigi Santo Pietro. Gigi is a well-known child celebrity. She is notable because she is Vanna White’s daughter.

However, she likes to keep a low profile. She was never one to believe she was entitled to preferential treatment because of her position, but she did.

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