Who Is Vanna White’s Ex-Husband George Santo Pietro?

Who Is Vanna White’s Ex-Husband George Santo Pietro?

You have probably noticed the name George Santo Pietro on several film titles. He was the ex-husband of Vanna White, who some of you might be familiar with. George was a successful businessman who just didn’t have a lot of notoriety. But he also received that when he wed Vanna White, one of Hollywood’s brightest stars. George is a thriving entrepreneur, restaurateur, and director who started from nothing. His accomplishments as a filmmaker, both in film and television, are outstanding. George Pietro rose to prominence as a business tycoon during his career. We learn more about George Santo Pietro here;

Early Years

George Santa Pietro lived held on December 12, 1946, in Beverly Hills, California. The 12th of December is his birthday. He has Caucasian descent and was born in the United States.
He is a citizen of the United States. Even as a young child, Pietro showed a keen interest in the movie industry.
George made the decision to enroll in several cinematography classes in order to pursue his love of movies. After that, he had a better understanding of the movie business and had the knowledge and abilities required to be successful in it.

Individual Life

Children and the Ex-Wife of George Santo Pietro

In 1990, George Santo Pietro wed Vanna White. He was getting married to Vanna, but he also had another one coming up. He secured the mess with Linda Evans in 1981.
Their 1985 divorce proves that their union did not last very long. The couple chose the name Andrea Santo Pietro for the young girl Linda gave birth to in 1882.
Following this first divorce, the restaurateur met Vanna White in 1990. He later fell in love with her and matched her. Vanna made her pregnancy announcement on television in 1992, not long after they wed. Tragically, though, she miscarried. Pietro, on the other hand, was always by Vanna’s side and showed her a lot of support throughout her life.
The pair continued in their actions to make a home. They were blessed with the birth of their son, Niko Santo Pietro, after five years of marriage.
Vanna’s second child, Gigi Santo Pietro, was born in 1997, five years before the two finally divorced.
The couple decided to file for divorce on May 12, 2002, ending their marriage of a total of 12 years. George Santo Pietro doesn’t seem to be very good at keeping long-term relationships going.After getting a divorce from his first wife, George married Vanna White in 1990. His first union had been annulled. The wedding took place as scheduled despite Vanna’s fiance tragically dying in an airplane disaster that same year.
Although George and Vanna had a great marriage and were happy with one another, no one has been satisfied with the explanation for why they chose to seek a divorce.

Santo Pietro George Second-Marriage status in a relationship

In 2004, George began dating TV host Melissa Mascari after divorcing his ex-wife and raising two kids together. Their relationship lasted for one year, from 2004 to 2005. The couple remarried on October 8 of that year, three years after their divorce from Vanna White, and they have stayed wed ever since. A daughter named Chiara Santo Pietro was born to George and his current wife Melissa in 2007 after only two years of marriage. In Italy, Chiara was born. He now has a daughter, making three children total—two girls and a son.

Lifetime Career Film Director

When Pietro was signed on as a director, his career in the movie business started from scratch. In the 1990s, he got his start in the television business as a camera dolly technician for the series “Beverly Hills, 90210.”
Later, he played the same part in “They Came from Outer Space.”
Pietro had several other job offers in the same field after these two television programs ended.
George was an extremely gifted worker who constantly received praise for his contributions to the company.
Employers could rely on him and view him as a trustworthy employee because he put his all to his work. He gained even greater acclaim and fame as a consequence of his work on “Interstellar,” “The Big Bang Theory,” “Two and a Half Men,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and other shows. However, George’s work on “Star Trek” and “Voyager” on television was most notable. He was able to establish himself in the film industry significantly because to these two films. George Pietro is an aspiration-driven individual. The enthusiastic businessman he was, however, was not inspired by his success in the entertainment world. He started his first business by opening a restaurant after entering the business sector.

Owner of a restaurant and a real estate firm

George Santo Pietro was also a prosperous restaurant businessman. He achieved a great degree of recognition as the owner of the well-known Italian eatery called “Santopietro’s.” The restaurant was hidden away in a small Hollywood strip mall. Pietro’s Restaurant gained considerable reputation among celebrities due to the restaurant’s excellent food and service.
The volume of patrons at Pietro’s restaurant was insane. As a result, he started a second eatery that he called “Sushi-Ko.” It was a sushi bar that catered to a wide variety of wealthy patrons. His second restaurant was open for business for more than ten years and had a better name than the first. It happened during the end of the 1980s. Whether or whether he still owns the restaurant is unknown, but in either case, it can be assumed that it was a success.
After experiencing great success in the restaurant industry, George was now searching for a fresh challenge.That is when he first developed an interest in real estate as a potential new field of study.
Towards the end of his career, Pietro made the switch to real estate development. In keeping with the common myths, Pietro amassed a sizable fortune while working in this field.
George Santo Pietro was without a doubt destined for greatness from the moment of his birth. He inspired us to achieve the same success for ourselves by achieving every single one of his goals.

The Appearance of George Santo Pietro

He is attractive and has a good height. George Santo Pietro is currently listed as having a height of 5 feet 10 inches. He has constantly kept his ripped figure, weighing 68 kilos (kg) in total. He has eyes and hair that are both brown in tone.

George Santo Pietro Net worth

With his career as a restaurateur and real estate developer, Santo has amassed an astounding fortune at the age of 73. In 2007, he sold his Pietro Beverly Hills Italian Villa for $50 million.
The 30,000 square foot house featured a wide open pool, a wine cellar, a volleyball court, a spice and organic farm, nine bedrooms, and 15 bathrooms. He sold this mansion for a whopping $23.5 million.Additionally, for $22.6 million in 2010, Pietro sold his ex-wife Vanna White’s 14,554 square foot, five-acre Beverly Hills estate with ten bathrooms and more than eight bedrooms. Early in the 1990s, the couple bought the house.
According to reports, he demanded $150,000 per month in rent for the estate, even though its market worth rose to $47.5 million in 2017. George is thought to have a net worth of about $14 million, but his holdings are more convoluted, according to reliable sources. Although his business and agent positions may have brought in a lot more money, he was still able to accumulate a sizable fortune from his Hollywood appearances and restaurant endeavors.


Here is everything you need to know about George Santo Pietro Linda Evans, who is currently living happily with his daughter Chiara and second wife. George runs lucrative restaurants and real estate businesses.

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