George Santo Pietro | Bio, Age, Career, And Net Worth

George Santo Pietro | Bio, Age, Career, And Net Worth


George Santo Pietro is an American land engineer, hotelier, and camera specialist who became popular in the wake of the wedding of the television character Vanna White. Pietro got going his vocation as a hotelier and camera specialist simultaneously. He worked with numerous well-known television series during the 1990s and, surprisingly, acted in two or three shows before turning a maker. In any case, he turned out to be more well-known for his Italian eatery ‘Santopietro’s’ than he was for his work in media outlets. His other café, the Shushi-Ko Complex, is likewise a famous name among high-profile VIPs. In the wake of the wedding of Vanna White, his openness to movies and Programs expanded and he worked with greater creation houses. He was important for well-known television series, for example, ‘The X-Documents’, ‘The Great Spot’, ‘Pushing Daisies’, ‘Dark’s Life Structures’, and ‘Over Two Men’. Notwithstanding his fruitful spell as a cart hold, Pietro proceeded to lay out a thriving land profession in Beverly Slopes.

Personal Information

Today, Pietro keeps on assuming the three-sided part of functioning as a camera expert, a hotelier, and a land money manager. His new credits as a camera specialist remember work for the famous film ‘Aquaman’ and the hit series ‘Specialists of S.H.I.E.L.D’.

Age: 76 Years

Wife/Ex-: Melissa Mascari (M. 2005), Vanna White (M. 1990-2002)
Youngsters: Andrea Santo Pietro, Chiara Santo Pietro, Gigi Santo Pietro, Niko Santo Pietro

Conceived Nation: US

Profession: Hoteliers Land Business visionaries

City: Beverly Slopes, California

Nationality: U.S. State California



  • George John Santo Pietro III started his profession in the town of Beverly Slopes by taking up different random temp jobs. He set up a good foundation for himself as a hotelier, camera specialist, and maker of Network programs throughout the long term. He was engaged with a few television series across the 1990s as a component of the creation group and he concentrated on functioning as the cart hold. His previously credited television series was ‘Beverly Slopes, 90210’ in 1990. He gradually began getting more work in the resulting months. Other series he was associated with during the 1990s incorporate ‘They Came from Space’, ‘Northern Openness’, ‘Star Journey: Explorer’, ‘Brooklyn South’, and ‘L. A. Specialists’. His film credits from that very decade incorporate ‘Into the Sun’ (1991), ‘In the Military Now (1994), ‘Compensation’ (1995), and ‘Freaky Friday’ (1995), among others. In 1997, he turned a maker with the short ‘Scratch Shippers’.
  • While filling in as a piece of the creation team, Pietro likewise dealt with his popular Italian eatery ‘Santopietro’s’, which was situated in Bel-Air, California. As the café became well known as time passes, it additionally began drawing in numerous famous big names as normal clients. As of now, George was effective as a money manager and engineer, however, he hadn’t tracked down distinction in media outlets. At the point when Vanna White, a well-known entertainer and television character, visited the eatery, flashes flew between the pair. He turned into a name to deal with after his relationship with the television character was unveiled. His organizations developed quickly during this period. A couple of years after the fact, he opened another eatery having some expertise in sushi, named ‘The Shushi-Ko Complex’, which likewise turned out to be similarly popular and bragged a high-profile customer base.
    From that point forward, his openness in Hollywood has expanded dramatically and Pietro began working with popular names. During the 2000s, he worked in well-known television series, for example, ‘Then, at that point, Came You’, ‘Regulation and Request: Criminal Purpose’, ‘The X-Records’, ‘Assumed Name’, ‘Siblings and Sisters’, ‘The Sarah Silverman Program’, ‘Pushing Daisies’, and ‘Cold Case.’ His film credits from this decade incorporate ‘He’s Simply Not That into You’, ‘500 Days of Summer, ‘Not without a Fight’, ‘Permit to Marry’, and ‘The Day After Tomorrow’. He likewise turned a chief with 2001 show thrill ride ‘Kept’. The film was panned by the pundits and failed in the cinema world. In the following ten years, he worked on the television projects ‘Re-appropriated’, ‘Being a Parent’, ‘The Nine Existences of Chloe Lord’, ‘Improper’, ‘Discernment’, ‘Dim’s Life Structures’, ‘Genuine Blood’, The Scaffold’, ‘The Theory of the Universe Origin’, ‘More than two Men’, ‘Place of Falsehoods’, ‘Beam Donovan’ and ‘The Great Spot’. All the more as of late, he worked in an episode of ‘Specialists of S.H.I.E.L.D’ and the well-known film ‘Aquaman.’
  • As a land financial specialist, he is said to have sold his Beverly Slopes manor, esteemed at $50 million, in 2007. As he turned out to be more engaged with land, he began building rich properties and leasing/selling them. His past home, co-possessed with his ex Vanna White, was sold for $47 million. While Pietro is for the most part out of the radar, all things considered, his prosperity as a land engineer has been on the ascent throughout the previous twenty years.

Family and Individual Life

George Santo Pietro was brought into the world on December 12, 1946, in Beverly Slopes, California. Pietro originally wedded Linda Evans, who had been his long-lasting sweetheart for quite some time, in 1981. The couple had a little girl, Andrea, brought into the world in 1982. They chose to cut off their friendship in 1984. He was next hitched to the well-known entertainer and television moderator, Vanna White, from 1989 to 2002. Two or three have two youngsters from this marriage. Their child, Nicholas, was brought into the world in 1994 while their little girl, Giovanna, was brought into the world in 1997. Afterward, in 2005, he wedded Melissa Mascari, a television maker, in the wake of dating her for a year. In 2007, the couple invited their girl, Chiara.

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