Dewey Do – Everything You Ought to Understand Regarding Bobby Berk’s Husband

Dewey Do – Everything You Ought to Understand Regarding Bobby Berk’s Husband

Dewey Do – Fans of Queer Eye, take note: Since the release of Season 5 last week, we’ve been thinking a lot about our favorite Fab Five and decided that we needed to know more about their life outside of the show.

We’ve learned a few things about the actors’ love lives from watching the show over the years, but we know (almost) nothing about Bobby Berk’s. Sure, we knew the genius of interior design was married, but who is Bobby Berk’s husband, Dewey Do?

Here’s all we know about Bobby Berk’s husband of seven years, from their living in Los Angeles to their future family plans.

Dewey Do

1. Dewey, who is Bobby Berk’s husband?

While Dewey keeps out of the spotlight, we do see him on his significant other’s social media profiles frequently.

Nonetheless, Dewey manages to keep his business and personal lives separate. That’s right, we’re not even sure what Dewey does for a living. However, after some extensive searching, we discovered a tweet from Berk from 2010 (!) that hinted at his profession.

“Checking out condos in Saigon,” he wrote on Twitter. “Building is fantastic! There’s also a mall where I can open a Bobby Berk Home and Dewey can open his medical spa.”

What is the medical spa industry? That sounds fantastic to us.

2. Where Does He Call Home?

According to Berk’s Instagram, the couple lives together in Los Angeles.

According to Popsugar, the team only forced into their current Los Angeles house three months before Bobby was Published in Queer Eye.

“When we film with Queer Eye, we’re usually gone for six months, and this year we also filmed in Japan, so we were there for another month,” Berk said last year to Forbes. “I’ve never been a big homebody, but I’m home so infrequently that it’s my favorite thing right now—to be at home and enjoy my house.”

3. When did they propose?

While we don’t know where or when the couple got engaged or married, we do know the approximate year. Berk revealed a little bit (but not much) about his marriage in a Facebook post in July.

“Six years ago, my groom and I spoke I do’ and were matched by a very intimate companion of ours who was decreed,” he documented. “We obtained wedded as shortly as it was permitted to acquire wedded, and it was necessary to us to show the earth our pride via our declaration of love.” Too tasty.

4. Do they have any joint children?

Berk and Dewey don’t have any children together right now, but it’s something they’d like to do in the future. Or, at the very least, after the madness of Queer Eye subsides.

Berk told People exclusively that having children is absolutely on his “five-year plan.”

“‘I don’t enjoy to be a Unmarried Fathers And Mothers,’ my hubby unfailingly remarks. “You’re consistently reached,” he elucidated. “I’m Want that 90% of the moment.”

5. And, most importantly, how do they maintain the romance?

We don’t know the couple’s secrets to a happy marriage, but we can tell from social media that they have one thing in common: a love of travel.

When they’re not in Los Angeles, the duo journeys to businesses like Costa Rica, Venice, Cambodia and Maui.

They also maintain their contact with frequent texts and FaceTime. According to People, they even have a rule that they attempt to visit each other at least once a week.

“He’ll give to wherever we’re filming, or I’ll provide home whenever I can,” Berk demonstrated. “Inherently, we’ll only contact two More Days without seeing each additional.”

These two appear to have married life figured out.

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