What occurred to David Dobrik? YouTuber disappears from the venue after significant comeback

What occurred to David Dobrik? YouTuber disappears from the venue after a significant comeback

David Dobrik hasn’t uploaded on YouTube in over a year, following his massive comeback in 2021. Fans are stranded wondering what occurred to him.

David Dobrik is one of the most popular YouTubers of all time, with 17.9 million subscribers on the video-sharing website.

Although he still holds a considerable fan ground on YouTube, the Slovak-born internet success hasn’t published since March 2022, and subscribers are wondering why his track has been dormant for so long.

What became David Dobrik?

The 26-year-old appears to have switched his concentration away from his YouTube channel and towards completely different endeavors.

Dobrik prepared for the opening of his pizza company ‘Doughbrik’s’ on November 12, 2022.

He also stated that he had been taste-testing pizza for “months” previous to the opening, which could be one of the main reasons he stopped producing films.

Despite not maintaining his YouTube history, David keeps lived more engaged on Instagram.

His most recent post, published in May 2023, was a giveaway of ten Teslas in collaboration with WorkNinja. The majority of his past positions have likewise been in conjunction with other businesses. He has, however, kept his 11.1 million followers up to date on his pizza business.

The YouTuber has also been dealing with the fallout from injuring friend and former Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek in a 2020 incident in which the 32-year-old was injured in a crane Dobrik was piloting. Wittek sustained severe injuries and has undergone several surgeries to try and save his vision in his eye. Wittek tossed a case against The Vlog Squad head on June 22, appropriating $10 million in impairments and publicly disavowing their company and marking him a “scumbag.”

The proprietor of ‘Doughbrik’ has also had to deal with the public sexual assault claims leveled against former Vlog Squad member Dominykas ‘Durte Dom’ Zeglaitis.

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