How to Create 10 Minute TikToks That People Will Watch

How to Create 10 Minute TikToks That People Will Watch

Create 10 Minute TikToks – TikTok’s new video duration limit is ten minutes. In this essay, I’ll discuss how long(ish) form content on TikTok can increase views and engagement.

10-minute TikTok films debuted a little more than a year ago, with mixed results. Some people adore them (generally creators who have more to say than a three-minute video can accommodate), while others despise them (those of us who have had our attention spans damaged by TikTok).

However, now that TikTok has handed out the new maximum video duration to the majority of viewers, we’re seeing some inventive ways that people (and even brands!) have leveraged the 10-minute limit.
In this article, I’ll show you some instances of lengthier TikTok films that still received engagement, as well as how to make your own longer videos.

Let’s start with how long TikToks may do well in this short-form video market.

What Makes a Good TikTok Video of 10 Minutes?

You need to be able to maintain someone’s attention if you’re asking for 10 minutes of their time (on TikTok, no less). Simply talking into the camera for the duration of the video will not be enough.

Hilton’s latest viral 10-minute TikTok video is a wonderful example of this:
Of course, there was the added incentive of the gift to keep fans watching until the finish. But they didn’t rest on their laurels after that win.

Instead, Hilton made the most of those ten minutes by constantly shifting the camera position, the content, and even the person on-screen. They built an experience that felt more like scrolling through your FYP than sitting through a single, long TikTok by cycling between a slew of prominent TikTokers (including actual celebrity and Hilton heiress, Paris Hilton) and diverse content forms.

Even if you don’t have Hilton’s influencer marketing budget, smaller firms and independent producers can still create compelling, longer TikToks.

How to Create 10 Minute TikToks That People Will Watch

So, how can you keep your TikTok from feeling excessively long?

One simple method is to reuse current content.

If you’ve posted a series of TikToks, integrating them into a single film is a terrific method to repurpose them. You can get more views on the same material while also reaching a new audience.

@unknowndazza’s Frod tale is an example of how to do this successfully. You can view the complete story, episode by episode, by visiting their profile and clicking on the “Frodrick” playlist.
They did, however, combine footage from each TikTok in chronological sequence into a single TikTok:

At the time of writing, “The Full Frod Story” TikTok video had 50 million views. That’s an order of magnitude more than any of the saga’s individual videos received. It didn’t only get views. Since then, @unknowndazza has grown from 60K to nearly 800K followers.

Putting all of the video’s segments into one tale was part of the formula for success here. While “Follow for Part 2!” isn’t a bad technique, many users prefer to get the entire tale at once. As seen by the rush of new viewers and fans as a result of the epic review of the Frod tale.
The third component of the strategy is editing, which quickly splices together footage while keeping viewers engaged. On the screen, there is always something fresh happening.

Although the Frod narrative did not make it to the 10-minute film barrier, it demonstrates how TikToks from your existing backlog may be used to great effect.

This style is very useful for projects that take a long time to complete, such as DIY and house remodeling. You can create unique movies for each section of the project and then repurpose bits from all of them for a whole overview after it’s finished.

@emilyrayna has created an example of a recap-style video:
Having a long TikTok like this not only allows you to reuse content but also provides visitors who are new to your page with a place to start before viewing the rest of your content.

Now that you know what kind of 10-minute TikToks you want to make, let’s talk about how to execute it.

How to Make TikToks in 10 Minutes

Most TikTok users now have access to 10-minute TikToks, which can be uploaded from your device or filmed and edited within the app itself, thanks to a March 2023 update. Because this format is all about combining previous TikToks into one lengthy TikTok, you’ll want to modify it with a third-party application before uploading.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use Kapwing to edit your 10-minute film.

1) Upload Your TikTok Videos to Kapwing

Go to your TikTok profile and copy the link of one of the TikToks you wish to incorporate into your 10-minute film. Then visit When prompted, click Get Started and sign in or establish an account.
Click the Create New Project button once you’re in your Kapwing workspace. Copy and paste your URL into the editor’s upload box.

Kapwing will upload your TikTok without the TikTok watermark, giving you the ability to alter it.

Go to the Media tab in the left-side panel and click the Add Media button to add the remainder of your TikToks. Copy and paste the link to each TikTok video you want to include in your summary video.

Step 2: Edit Your TikTok Video of 10 Minutes

Arrange all of the TikToks in the order you want them to display on the timeline. If you’re doing a recap, chronological order is better.

You can stop here if all you want to do is combine all of the TikToks into a single video. However, this is unlikely to provide the most entertaining video. Most TikToks contain intros and outros, which will become tedious for viewers.

Instead, I recommend splitting the films and removing any superfluous content with the split tool. These cuts, like using a jump cut in a lengthier YouTube video, will also assist in retaining visitors.

Finally, series with a pinch of cayenne pepper.

On-screen text, emoticons, stickers, and GIFs will help keep viewers intrigued. I also propose including a narration to connect all of the video pieces and guide the audience through the story from beginning to end.

You can record your voiceover in the editor or upload an existing audio file. On the left sidebar, click the Audio option, then “Record.” Simply connect your favorite microphone to your smartphone and you’re ready to go.

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Step 3) Verify Your Content Using Safe Zones

Before exporting, double-check that all of the content you just inserted is appropriately positioned for TikTok.

Scroll down to the Show Safe Zones tool in the Canvas menu on the right-hand side after clicking on the Canvas (the dark area beneath the video sample).

Select the TikTok logo to view the TikTok Safe Zones. This will provide a transparent overlay over the canvas, indicating where TikTok’s user interface will impede your content. With Safe Zones enabled, you can move items on your video such as text, subtitles, and GIFs around to ensure they’re in the clear, “safe zone” in the center of the canvas.

4) Download and upload to TikTok

Select your file type and resolution settings by clicking the export button in the top right corner of the editor.

Once the video has been exported, you can download it and share it on TikTok!

Check out our Resources Library or our YouTube Channel for more tips and techniques like this.

TikTok 10-Minute Video Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Post Long TikTok Videos?

TikTok videos can be up to 10 minutes long if you use the TikTok app’s filming and uploading features. To access the editor, tap the + icon at the bottom of your home page.

To record the ten-minute TikTok in the app, slide right on the time limits above the record button until you reach “10m.” After that, press the record button. Tap the Upload button instead to upload a ten-minute video you made outside of TikTok. Choose the video to upload from your device’s camera roll, and you’re all set.

2. Should I Post Long TikTok Videos?

You should not post 10-minute TikToks just because you can. Having said that, there is some evidence that the TikTok algorithm rewards the use of new features. Experimenting with multiple formats is also the greatest method to find a channel strategy that works for both you and your audience.

Before devoting time and effort to developing a 10-minute video from scratch, I propose reusing existing content as an experiment first. Do you have a series of TikToks or TikToks about a single theme that you could combine into a single video? First, try that and watch how viewers react.

3. Why am I unable to post 10-minute TikToks?

Most TikTok users should have access to the 10-minute video function as of a March 2023 update. If you open the TikTok editor and do not see the “10m” option, the software may need to be updated.

If there have been no recent updates or the app is set to automatically update and you still aren’t seeing the feature, consider deleting and redownloading the app. It’s a minor inconvenience, but it frequently resolves feature-release-related bugs.

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