Corinna Kopf | Bio, Ages, Net Worth And Life Style

Corinna Kopf | Bio, Ages, Net Worth, Life Style And Many More

Corinna Kopf is a prominent American Instagram user, streamer, model, and YouTuber. She first appeared on David Dobrik’s vlogs before starting her channel. She is also good friends with Tana Mongeau, a popular YouTuber. Corinna Kopf was held on the 1st 1995. of December.
Kopf began her social media career in early 2011, while still in school, when she joined Twitter. She also started an Instagram account the following year. She has over 2.6 million Twitter followers and over 6.5 million Instagram followers since then.

Personal Information


Corinna Kopf

Profile Name

Corinna Kopf

DOB (Age)

December 1, 1995

DOJ (YouTube)

June 3, 2016

Total Videos




Net Worth

$10 million




Los Angeles, California


Sammy Wilk

Social media statistics




1.75 million


1 million


6.9 million


2.8 million


4.7 million


The earliest video on Corinna’s channel is “PRINGLES CHALLENGE WITH NICK BEAN!” As 2022 of October, the video delivered over 309k panoramas. Corinna explores various Pringles flavors with YouTuber Nick Bean.

Corinna was still in school when she started using social media. She began her social media career on August 18, 2012, using Instagram, and she already has over a million followers. “Spring Awakening,” a video of an electronic music event she attended in 2014, is one of her most popular Instagram photos. Corinna also joined Twitter, where she has over 500, 000 followers. Corinna surveyed her Twitter followers before launching her YouTube channel. She asked if they wanted her to appear on YouTube. She chose to launch her YouTube account because 79% of her followers wanted to see her there.

Corinna launched her own YouTube channel on June 3, 2016. According to many of her admirers, Corinna made her YouTube debut in a video by fellow YouTuber David Dobrik. Corinna rejected the claim in her first YouTube video, a Q&A session. She also stated that her first YouTube build was in a prank video on Jack Dytrych’s co-owned trail Second Class. David introduced them at a party, and Corinna first met him that way.

Corinna’s storytime videos are also well-liked. In one of her most popular storytime videos, she relates her horrible lip injection experience. Corinna once shared her skincare routine in response to requests from her fans, and it drew a considerable following. Following this, her channel began to regularly feature fashion and beauty. Corinna works with numerous prominent YouTubers, Durte Dom, Nathalie Paris, including Liza Koshy, Zane Hijazi, Bruhitszach, Josh Peck, Jason Nash, Franny Arrieta, and Nick Bean, and she publishes challenge videotapes. Among these, David has been Corinna’s most popular partner.

Kopf has always enjoyed playing video games and considers herself a game lover. Her live-streaming career began on Twitch, where she often broadcasts video games such as Fortnite. She amassed a huge fan base and audience. After being banned from Twitch, Facebook Gaming snagged Kopf an exclusive streaming contract in 2019.

Net Worth:

Corinna’s net worth is predicted to be $10 million as of October 2022. Corinna’s $10 million profits are primarily derived from her incredibly profitable OnlyFans account, YouTube AdSense earnings, brand sponsorships, exclusive collaborations, and paid social media postings. Furthermore, Kopf earns a decent living from any tips and donations she receives from viewers while live streaming.

Corinna earns between $23 and $373 per month and between $280 and $4.5K per year according to Social Blade via AdSense.

Taking into account her 6 million+ Instagram followers, her yearly income from the network is expected to be $3.87 million, according to Net Worth Spot.

Personal Life

Corinna was held on December 1, 1995, Illinois in Palatine, (US) United States. Her family is mostly from the Midwest states of Wisconsin, Iowa, and Missouri. Corinna is of German origin and speaks German fluently.

Corinna performed as a babysitter in Malibu while she was in academy. She dropped out of school early to pursue a job in social networking. Taylor Caniff, an American internet sensation turned actor, is currently her assistant. They had an altercation once that made headlines on various social media sites. Corinna had aspirations of becoming a veterinarian at first.

Corinna was involved with “Viner” Toddy Smith. They began dating in 2017 and smashed up in before 2018. Jack Dail, another social media sensation, is said to have dated Corinna as well. Kopf is currently rumored to be dating Sammy Wilk as of December 2022. In a series of social media images, they were seen kissing and hugging on a boat.

Corinna Kopf

Other Social Media Statistics

Corinna is an avid social media user, and her popularity on other platforms has increased her YouTube following.

She has a whopping 1 million followers on Twitch. She routinely streams games like Honey Rush and interacts with her viewers. She has a whopping 6.9 million Instagram followers. She shares selfies, trip photos, modeling photos, and other content. She has 2.8 million followers on Twitter and receives a lot of likes and retweets. Her TikTok account also has a large following, with 4.7 million users following her.

Content on YouTube

Corinna is currently inactive, having not posted a video in over two years. Her videos had millions of views in the past. She shared make-up tutorials, vlogs, challenge videos, and other content.

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