Chef Scott Conant Is the Leader in the Kitchen — but at House, His Girls Execute the Show

Chef Scott Conant Is the Leader in the Kitchen — but at House, His Girls Execute the Show

Everything to understand around celebrity chef Scott Conant’s children and wife, as nicely as the ‘Chopped’ judge’s understanding of work in his birthplace of New York City.

Scott Conant’s children, Karya and Ayla, are his famous sous cooks.

His wife, Meltem Bozkurt, and he have two kids, Ayla Sophia Reina, and Karya Eva Maria. In September 2020, Ayla will be ten, and Karya will be eight. Scott stated in a Food Network questionnaire in 2013 that Ayla was his favorite person to cook with, and his daughter recently acted as a camera operator for her father’s IGTV cooking courses.

Scott and his family live primarily in Scottsdale, Arizona, near Phoenix, where his restaurant Mora is located. He also owns the Cellaio Steakhouse in the Catskill Mountains in New York. Because many of Scott’s Food Network episodes are filmed in NYC at the network’s Chelsea studios, the family divides their time between the two locations.


Scott has a long connection in the area, as his prior restaurant, Scarpetta, was located there. (The restaurant still exists, however, it is now housed within the James Hotel Nomad, and Scott is no longer associated.)

In 2007, Scott Conant married Meltem Bozkurt-Conant.

Meltem Bozkurt created a reputation for herself in dog fashion before meeting Scott. Her company, New York Dog, provided trendy Manhattan doggie accessories and clothing. The Turkish-born entrepreneur married Conant in 2007, shortly after his divorce and business links with his first wife and ex-business partner, Chris Cannon, were severed.

Scott adores Meltem’s family and has even learned some of his mother-in-law’s Turkish cuisine. Her family still lives in Turkey, but the Conants visit frequently, which is understandable given her hometown of Bodrum, which is simply lovely.

Scott enjoys donating to charities while he is not cooking.

Scott is devoted to his family, which is perhaps why he puts his occupations in that order: “Father, Husband, and Chef.” When he isn’t working on those projects, he volunteers for causes near to his heart, such as the Keep Memory Alive organization for Alzheimer’s research. Most recently, he has been dedicated to assisting restaurant owners and employees who have been forced to close due to the COVID-19 outbreak, as well as keeping NYC food banks stocked through City Harvest.

He is also actively assisting in the organization of extra federal support to assist our restaurateurs and their employees in the face of mass closures in places such as New York, California, and Washington. Though his business is currently closed, Scott continues to cook at home with his girls and share their creations on Instagram.

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