Casey Davidson’s age, height, bio, what is known about Pete Davidson’s sister?

Casey Davidson’s age, height, bio, what is known about Pete Davidson’s sister?

What is known about Pete Davidson’s sister Casey? How old is she? Casey Davidson was an exceptionally gifted collegiate basketball player who was also quite athletic. Her basketball career began when she was a high school student, where she succeeded and established herself. She played for Marist College. She is a well-known figure in the sports world thanks to her outstanding play on the court.

Her tight bond with her brother Pete Davidson, though, is what first caught the public’s eye. The cast of the well-liked TV program “Saturday Night Live” includes well-known comedian Pete. Casey maintains her grounded demeanor and keeps her attention on her own personal and professional objectives despite his notoriety and success.

In addition to being a gifted athlete, Casey is also very attractive physically. She is a distinctive and fascinating person in the public eye due to her combination of intelligence, athletic prowess, and beauty. Despite any challenges that may arise, she continues to encourage others to follow their passions and aspirations.


Profile summary

Attribute Details
Full name Casey Davidson
Alias Casey
Year of birth 1997
Place of birth New York, Staten Island, USA
Age (as of 2022) 25
Nationality American
Ethnicity Mixed
Career Instagram star and Basketball player
Famous as Sister to Pete Davidson
Height (feet and inches) 5’10
Height (centimetres) 178 cm
Weight (lb) 121 lbs
Weight (kg) 55 kg
Relationship status Single
Education Marist College
Mother Amy Waters Davidson
Father Scott Davidson
Sibling Pete Davidson

Casey Davidson’s biography

Basketball player Casey Davidson was born on Staten Island, New York, in 1997. She was raised in a busy metropolis where she was exposed to athleticism and sports from an early age. Casey loved basketball throughout her childhood, and she worked hard to improve her abilities.

When Casey was a high school student in the area, she joined the basketball team there and began her basketball career. She rapidly established herself as a valuable player thanks to her inherent athleticism and diligent work ethic. Numerous scholarship offers were made to her as a result of the college coaches’ attention she garnered on the court.

Casey decided to enroll in a highly regarded university where she could play basketball and continue to hone her abilities after giving it much thought. She was a star performer for the university team, and pro scouts were impressed by her abilities.

Casey is presently working towards her goal of being a professional basketball player. She is renowned for her remarkable court talents thanks to her dedication, perseverance, and reputation in the sports world.

In her free time, Casey likes to spend time at the beach because it is a peaceful and relaxing area for her. She enjoys coaching young players and working at neighborhood basketball camps as a way to give back to her community.

Pete Davidson’s family

A well-known comedian from a close-knit family, Pete Davidson. His sister Casey is one of the significant members of his family. The two siblings have a strong relationship and love for one another because they grew up together.

On Pete’s 24th birthday, November 16, 2017, his sister Casey posted on social media to show her support and love for him. She sent him a loving birthday wish through an Instagram post, as well as a reminder of the unique place he occupies in her heart. The message highlighted the siblings’ close relationship and love for one another as well as the value of family in their lives.

Amy Waters Davidson and Scott Michael Davidson are the parents of Casey and Pete Davidson, two well-known entertainers. Their father, Scott, was a devoted firefighter who bravely and honorably served his town. Tragically, Scott lost his life on September 11, 2001, a day that will live on in the annals of American history.

Since her father passed away, Casey has used social media to pay respect to him and to share her admiration and affection for him. She frequently mentions how much she misses her dad and how proud she is of the legacy he left behind in her posts.

On the other side, Amy Waters Davidson, the mother of the children, is a very skilled nurse. She has worked as a nurse for many years and is currently employed at Xaverian High School in Brooklyn. Her desire to assist others and have a positive impact on the world is demonstrated by the dedication she has to her work and her patients.

Educational background

Casey is a multifaceted person with several accomplishments to her name. She graduated from Marist College in 2019 and is happy to call herself a graduate. She was a standout basketball player in college, and she was quite good at it.

Casey had a solid basketball background going back to her high school days before she entered college. Her devotion and hard work paid off when college recruiters took notice of her since she was a standout player on her high school basketball team.

Casey’s collegiate path was not just about her studies but also about pursuing her love of basketball. Marist College was interested in her on the court and offered her a scholarship to play for their basketball team.

Career highlight

Casey has a strong basketball history because she played both her freshman and sophomore years at Marist College. She was able to have a big impact on the court during this time. Casey’s inclusion on the MAAC All-Academic Team for the 2016–2017 season is evidence of her commitment to the game and hard work. She played a total of 19 minutes and grabbed one rebound while making eight appearances for the Red Foxes. On February 9 at Quinnipiac, she recorded her first career steal, which stands out as one of her most memorable moments.

During her junior year in high school, Casey started playing basketball. In addition to the Staten Island Advance Allstar and CHSAA Team MVP awards, she also received recognition from the New York Daily News and other publications. She maintained her remarkable performance as a senior and was voted the League and Team MVP for the CHSAA for the second year in a row, as well as an All-Star for the Staten Island Advance and New York Daily News.

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