Bill Burr | Biography, Age, Life Style And Net Worth

Bill Burr | Biography, Age, Life Style And Net Worth

Bill Burr’s score was 95% Gilbert (2017).

14 percent on the Walk of Shame (2014)

born on June 10th, 1968

United States, Canton, where you were born
Bill Burr, a stand-up comedian, turned his blunt, oftentimes contentious stand-up act into several successful television comedy specials as well as consistent work as a guest star in motion pictures and on television, including “Breaking Bad” (AMC, 2008–2013), “Date Night” (2010), and “The Heat” (2013). The Boston native and Emerson College alumnus started doing stand-ups in the early 1990s and gained popularity for his unfiltered thoughts on racial and social issues. This led to guest appearances on television. With appearances on “Chappelle’s Show” (Comedy Central, 2003–2006) and frequent appearances on shock DJs Opie and Anthony’s XM Radio programs, Burr gained wide notoriety. He had several stand-up TV showcases under his belt by the late 2000s, and his second career as a character actor was taking off. He was most known for his work as a hired gun with a talent for portraying personalities on “Breaking Bad.” Burr’s success as an actor and comedian foreshadowed his quick ascent to national recognition.

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