Ayame Misaki Escape (Tokumai Sentai Go-Busters) | Bio, Net Worth, Lifestyle, and Age

Ayame Misaki Escape (Tokumai Sentai Go-Busters) | Bio, Net Worth, Lifestyle, and Age


Origin: Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters
Name: Ayame Misaki
Job: Authority/Counterfeit Human
Capacities: Narrowly avoid the grave. Extraordinary strength and readiness are risky in both long-reach and skirmish battling
Objective: To serve Savior and to assemble enough Enetron to resurrect Savior
Destiny: Crushed by Go-Buster Lord’s Epsilon Cut


Escape (Ayame Misaki) is a main adversary who showed up in 19 episodes of the Japanese Science fiction television series “Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters”. The series ran from 2012-2013.
Escape was a Vaglass Symbol, that was made by Savior from the information of the various researchers that he retained. Get Away from alludes to Savior as Father. Although she looked like a female human, she was made of unadulterated information, which made it hard for her to be obliterated.
Escape made the Metaloid Keyloid and attempted to utilize it to secure individuals inside a high rise who were playing a “get away from the game”. She intended to have the KeyZord make a misleading hyperspace, and afterward crush the highrise while individuals were locked inside. Notwithstanding, Keyloid was annihilated by the Go-Busters. She momentarily dueled with Red Buster before the KeyZord showed up.
At the point when Savior’s center was annihilated, Break left. She was then compelled to work for Enter. Dreading Enter’s unexpected change would obliterate Savior everlastingly, Break executed a dangerous move up to empower herself to change into Departure Develop. At the point when Departure discovered that he injected a Savior Card into himself, she followed Enter energetically until learning his actual expectations while getting Megazord Zeta.
Escape utilized the Megazord Zeta to annihilate Enter before supporting Savior’s advancement from the Zeta-Type into Savior Reboot. Notwithstanding, after satisfying her motivation to him, Getaway ended up being consumed by Savior.
Later Enter reproduced Break from her reinforcement information and joined it with bloom DNA. The initial three forms of Departure were more steadfast yet experienced an error that reset her memory with every passing and entertainment. Enter then made a more forceful variant of Departure from a snake and other encompassing materials, becoming Escazord Zeta. Escape was lethally injured, and relapsed to her unique structure, and afterward didn’t exist any longer.

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