Alexis Knief – Timothy Olyphant, star of “Havoc,” Discloses the Method of His Long-Lasting Marriage

Timothy Olyphant, star of “Havoc,” Discloses the Method of His Long-Lasting Marriage

The actor and Alexis Knief have been wed for more than 30 years.

One of the biggest names in Hollywood is 54-year-old Timothy Olyphant, who stars in the FX series Justified and its upcoming revival, Justified: City Primaeval. What you power not be mindful of, though, is the performer’s adorable love story with his wife of more useful than 30 years, Alexis Knief.

Alexis Knief

When they were both undergraduates at the University of Southern California, Olyphant was an unremarkable “artsy jock” on the swim team.
Grace (23), Henry (22) and Vivian (20) are the three children the couple has raised together since their 1991 wedding. Their formula for an enduring union? Olyphant stated to Women’s Health in 2011 that “you have to be with the right person and you both have to be willing to put in the work, day in and day out, to complete it occur.”

Alexis Knief Details

Knief generally avoids the spotlight, with the exception of walking with her husband on the red carpet. But Olyphant frequently brings her up in interviews, and through his anecdotes, we’ve learned a little something about her. She has a razor-sharp sense of humor, that much is certain.

She came up with a practical joke for Olyphant’s acceptance speech when he was nominated for an Emmy in 2011 for his performance in Justified. My initial statement was that I was going to look at the trophy, which was actually my wife’s suggestion. and then turn to face my 20-year-old wife and say, “Well, Honey, this is it.” I’m finally going to leave you,” Olyphant shared on Conan in 2012 (the joke was dropped because he lost).

Alexis Knief Family

Evidently, Knief also prevents her husband from taking himself too seriously. She reportedly said, “Tim, you’re trying too hard,” after he prepared a ridiculous stunt for his debut on Late Night with Seth Meyers in 2022.

Olyphant, on the other hand, shares his wife’s epically dry (and self-deprecating) sense of humour. He frequently compliments her parenting in interviews while adorably portraying himself as the reluctant father of “one too many” kids.

He said, “I remember when she said we were having a third,” on The Ellen Show in 2012. I said, ‘I recall talking about it, but I didn’t know we had committed.’ They’re good kids, though, and I believe I’ve adjusted to them. At this point, it seems very obvious to me that we will keep them.
Eleven years later, the (now) empty-nester joked on the podcast Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, “Throughout their upbringing, I believed they’d be average. I’m impressed now that kids are a little older and tell my wife, “You did a good job.” I appreciate you raising those kids.

(With all humour aside, we don’t think Olyphant is anything but a loving father.)
The pair may now travel together when an actor’s job requires them to be away from home because all three of their children have grown up. This includes a recent trip to Wales for the filming of the upcoming Netflix movie Havoc. Olyphant conveyed O’Brien, “Now, you understand, I just shift to my wifey and state, ‘You wanna push to Wales?’ and then I say, ‘I’ll take the job.

The youngest, Vivian, will play Raylan Given, the role played by Timothy Olyphant, in the next summer 2023 season of FX’s Justified: City Primaeval, even if their other children have left the nest. She has both of her parents to thank for her sense of humor, if the practical jokes she played on poor old Dad on set are any indication.

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