23 Favorite Transgender Celebrities That Are Outside Beautiful

23 Favorite Transgender Celebrities That Are Outside Beautiful

Their beauty extends beyond the surface. These Transgender models serve as inspiration for both fashion designers and fans. And their abilities aren’t restricted to the catwalk. Some well-known trans models also work as actors in films, while others are singers. Some of the most well-known transgender models communicate with their followers through YouTube vlogs.

Who are the renowned MTF transgender models on this list? Carmen Carrera is at the top of the list. The model and actor, born Christopher Roman, has operated in television plays such as The Bold and the Beautiful and Jane the Virgin. In a 2009 edition of What Would You Do? she disclosed publicly that she identified as a woman and had begun the transition from male to female. Amanda Lepore is another well-known transgender model on this list.

Isis King made worldwide headlines when she debuted on America’s Next Top Model, becoming the show’s first transgender model. “I’m the Kate Moss of trans norms because I’m shorter than everyone else and I’ve lived about for a prolonged period,” she remarked. Candy Darling, April Ashley, and Harisu are among the other prominent women on this list.

Which transgender model inspires you the most?

Carmen Carrera was born. Christopher Roman is a model and actress. Carmen Carrera has been in TV shows such as The Bold and the Beautiful and Jane the Virgin. On a 2009 edition of the reality show What Would You Do? she openly disclosed that she identified as a woman and had begun the transition from male to female.

Age: 38

Elmwood Park, New Jersey, USA is where he was born.

Amanda Lepore is a model.

“I’ve got the most expensive body on the planet,” singer, performer, and model Amanda Lepore has remarked. At the age of 19, she underwent a sex change operation.

Age: 55

Birthplace: Cedar Grove, New Jersey, USA

Peji, Andreja

Andreja Peji, a successful male runway model, underwent sex reassignment surgery in 2014. She now campaigns for transgender rights and claims to be at ease in her skin. “I’ve always enjoyed being a girl,” she described. “One of my more earlier remembrances is hanging about in my mom’s clothes, trying to examine enjoy a ballerina.”

Age: 31

Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina is where he was born.


Isis the Queen

Isis King shot to global prominence after becoming the first transgender woman to appear on America’s Next Top Model. “I’m the Kate Moss of trans means because I’m shorter than everyone else and I’ve existed about for a long period,” she stated. King also promotes transgender visibility and equality.

Age: 37

Maryland, Annapolis, USA is where she was taken.

Candy, my dear

Candy Darling, an actress, and model who has acted in films such as Silent Night, Bloody Night, and Women in Revolt, was born James Lawrence Slattery. She was in multiple Andy Warhol films and was mentioned in Lou Reed’s smash “Walk on the Wild Side.”

Age: 29th of December (1944-1974)

Birthplace: Forest Hills, New York, New York City, USA

St. Laurent, Octavia

“I’m open about my genderism.” “I’m always willing to educate and help anyone who feels different understand that you have to love yourself, honey,” said trans legend Octavia St. Laurent. “I’m an extremely strong guy, and I’ve always employed a female’s looks and attached them.” It has directed to my success over the years. It has also kept me alive. I enjoy myself and what I am, and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

St. Laurent rose to prominence after appearing in the 1990 documentary Paris is Burning.

Age: 45 in December (1964-2009)

New York City of USA (United States), New York is where I was born.

Hari Nef’s

Hari Nef is best known for her recurring role in Transparent, but she has also acted in several short films, including Crush and Family Tree.

April Ashley was born in the United Kingdom. April In 1960, Ashley underwent gender reassignment surgery. She was a successful model who appeared in prestigious magazines such as Vogue. Ashley’s narrative takes a fatal turn when her spouse files for divorce and she is compelled to undergo testing and is certified legally male in 1971. For decades, the court judgment was used as a precedent to define the gender of transsexual individuals in the United Kingdom, until it was overturned by the passage of the Gender Recognition Act in 2004.

Ashley is still advocating for transgender equality. She was appointed a Member of the Order of the British Empire in 2012 for her contributions.

Age: 88

He was born in Liverpool, United Kingdom.


Harisu, a Korean singer and model, came out as transgender in 2001. Harisu, in addition to advocating for LGBTQ causes, has helped to create an orphanage and supports marijuana legalization.

Mr. Jamie Clayton

Model and actress Jamie Clayton’s full name is James Murphy Clayton. She starred in the 2016 film The Neon Demon, as well as TV shows such as Hung and Sense8.

Birthplace: United States, California, San Diego

Talackova, Jenna

Model who is transgender Jenna Talackova challenged Miss Universe regulations that barred non-“natural-born women” from competing. In 2012, she was crowned Miss Congeniality in the Miss Universe Canada competition.

Age: 34

Vancouver, Canada is where I was born.

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